Author Topic: Changes to visually similar effects  (Read 1053 times)


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Changes to visually similar effects
on: November 16, 2019, 02:26:46 PM
I'd like to suggest changes for the following visual effects, given that there's a similarity between visual effects from enemies (that will damage you) and character's abilities. There might be more, but these are the ones I've personally noticed:

- sööma's redeemer fields vs miner fields - both red, with the core of the fields being hard to see in both MoM and White Noise when miners fill the map.
- schneider's guardian's laser vs sniper's laser - they're the exact same type (the problem here is that the guardian will aim at you, it being the same color is not really significant for the other drones)
- kuzmann's electrical trap vs drone's electrical fields - again, the problem is the most noticeable in MoM, since the map is prone to getting overrun during the drone phase.