Author Topic: So this was a patch  (Read 3859 times)


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So this was a patch
on: October 28, 2019, 11:26:31 PM
   After playing with the new changes let me share what I've learned today. Melee elite now spawn invulnerable to CQC, I don't mind the change, but after seeing how my teamates reacted to it I want the phrase "FOOKING SHOOT AT IT" added to the weel. Snipers elite now spawn twice, unecessary and unimpactful in my opinion. All the religions are wrong, the true gpds are a races called "napalm elites", who smite their divine punishment trought holy orbs that for some reason have more than 100 hp. The tools we had to deal with all of this called "weapons", now feels like nerf's gun against the improved enemies health. I onestly didn't thought the combo could be five hit long. I will admit taht I'm a bit salty to have lost all my progress to improve my mmr in the last few days, but I think that change the game to something completly different isn't good for the game right now.

  On a related note I have to tell about my last match of the day. It was "white noise" on the last heat segment the cooling system kept going off. After we killed the spiders they would spawn again after few second, one time back to back, three times in a row. During this mess a herd of seven melee elite kept killing us until they ran out of aleph. The mission endend in the final phase when a teamate kepst suiciding over and over again. The mission was hilariously unplayable, as it is the whole fifth council campaign right now given the density of elites. I have one question, did u
really had to increase the health of the both the miners?

PS I don't know if it is the timing or some collision physix taking over, but the dodge straight up don't work anymore. A few times i dodge on prevision with a green ping and I still got hit by a punch.
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Re: So this was a patch
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