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New player experience
on: October 20, 2019, 10:56:27 AM
  I'm not an expert raider myself, but if I have to put my finger on the worst parts of the game are my first matches and the matches with new players. The fact is that often they just don't pul their wieht or end up just going afk. And that's a shame because the rest of the game is great. Since recently I've been helping a friend of mine beginning the game and I've collected some suggestion to help new players.

- Substitute Harec from the beginning raiders: my friend play snipers in almost every shooter she can, but she hate to play Harec. He is quite complicate to play in a fast pase game, and require a lot more experience. It dosen't appeal to snipers main from other games, and risk to misguide them about the game. If we confront him with other  natives raiders, Shae is more forgiving and Doldren is more straight forward, both of them would be a better starting raider than Harec. I know there are lore reasons, but not lose one fourth of the new players base should come first.

- Give players training grounds to try new raiders: my friend is scared to try anithyng but Kostantin, she fears to perform poorly. And she had some good precedents too, yesterday all the HIVE we found ended up going afk, one of them costing me an aleph reciver. It's ok to expect that exerienced player can figure out a character on the fly, or at least don't be a dead weight, it's not so easy for someone new. Even the fact that the training mode as to be unlocked completing five times the mission, i understand the intent, but it cut out new players from having something they actually need.

-Remove the antagonist win conditions if there is no antagonist: i'm talking about sudden death and the fact that the ads spawn rate increase over time. Again I understand the presence of certain mecanics make sense with an antagonist, but for new players they just feels like undeserved middlefingers. Consider that new players  will encounters those mecanics trought afk and toxic players, so it feels even worse.

Edit: Quick note on the Aleph changes gone live today. You guys really hate new players don't you?
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