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New Ideas
on: October 19, 2019, 03:12:09 AM
Mercury steam, I beg of you, please add a team death match game mode.  It will bring in more players and probably keep more players who are new to the game have a more relatable mode to play in.  I feel players who had an early perspective on this game and quit immediatley will come back to the  game.  Think about it like this, more modes means more players and more players means less waiting time to get into a game which also means less people complaining about the long waiting times to get into games.  And if you see this comment and do decide to add this game mode, I severely suggest that you don't make it a 4v4 or have any grunts or adds on the map. This type of game mode for this type for game would be better as a player vs player mode and maybe having 6, 7, or 8 players on each side due to the size of the maps and type of game this is.  Now on maps like In  medias res where the map opens up as the raiders progress, have it where only 2/3 of the map is available, because having just one part open would be to crowded, even if you did make it a 4v4, (WHICH I HIGHLY SUGGEST YOU DID NOT DO) the gameplay would be very stale because the main adventure gamemode already has 4 players on a team. and this might be a mode people go to where they just want absolute chaos and fun  .You could also use maps like the second part of the very first mission, maps like these are ones you should look for for this mode seeing how it has 1 side for each of the team's spawns and a middle ground for both teams to fight on.  I also think the limit of kills to get in this mode should be somewhere around 75, but you can change that if you feel it's not a good number to have for the limit of kills or even have varying kill limits on certain maps. Also if one team is dominating the other and invading their spawn, you can have a spawn switch if there is to many enemy players in another team's spawn zone.  Nowwe get to the main reason i wrote this,  The extra antag system is what I like to call it. Each raider match has the chance of having ONE antagonist, so why don't you guys add in the possibility to have 4 antagonists.  Have the one MAIN antagonist who can play as any one of the main characters AND have the other three (or less, but i would like it to be a 4v4) take the control of any of the normal soldiers on the battlefield.  Also, you could make this where when the player controlling the solider dies, they can choose which solider they control next. Also make it so when the player playing as a solider dies, make it possible for them to also take control of the elites in the map.  Or maybe make it so where they choose to spawn as regular soldiers at the beginning of the match when the antag and raiders chose their characters for reduced respawn times or they can chose to play as elites but with longer respwan times then playing as a regular soldier (or you could combine both ways and make the players who pick elites have to respawn and make the players who chose regular soldiers able to instantly pick any soldier on the map to play as except for elites). like this (use link below, if it works)
for the link directly above this caption, look at the allied antag forces on the top left and look at the shae as the MAIN antagonist, just in case you didn't see it (:

Also it would be OK if the locals didn't have a playable antag faction *YET*, seeing how the ending of the game could be a gateway for new antag special grunts and same brawler, sniper, and elite soldier classes for the locals to be added in the game at a later time. (I didn't get to specific just in case someone who didn't finish the game saw this (:    )

I would also commit to this new system by maybe adding new classes to each faction over time. I would also somehow incorporate the card system into the elites BUT not the regular soldiers, because the regular soldiers can only STRIKE and not GRAPPLE and some cards rely heavily on mele combat and using executions, the regular soldiers should only be able to strike, like they always have. Also seeing how in the mikah spacelords comic, there are Umbra Wardogs who carry pistols/revolvers.  Talking specifically on the "Pistol (or) Revolver Guy", if you do decide to add him in the game, you could make him an elite or normal soldier, but i think you should make him an elite, IF you decide to add him in the game. i think this because then you could make and add a new elite revolver/pistol variation for each faction in the game to spawn as, which would add more gameplay variety for your players.  also his ability could be upped weapon damage for a limited time with his ability that costs one aleph(like all the other elites).  or you could mix them both and have the soldier with the Revolver be an elite and make the soldier with the pistol be a normal enemie players aka grunt.

You also could make it so the ability button activates each elites abilities when they have aleph, such as the commanders airstrike ability, and the brawlers Mele Invincible ability, and the snipers teleport ability.  And since we're on the topic of snipers, I know the snipers have two weapons, they have their main weapon which is their sniper rifle and they have their secondary pistol weapon they use while running away from Raiders.  You can fix this problem by making the change firing mode for your weapon button (left stick for console players)able to switch the snipers primary and secondary weapon. I also think it would be a good idea to incorporate the new antag com-system into this game for the three extra antagonists. (also think about how fun it would be if you could play with your friends in a spaceguild to have more of an ex boost for your guild)I think each normal soldier grunt on the battlefield should have the ability to call in 1 other normal soldier grunt and have them fulfill orders or just have them follow the player grunt that summoned him, while the people playing as elites can call in 2 and you can keep the ability for the main antagonist to call in 3. This way each player on the antagonist team has at least one soldier backing them up. Also if you have a full group of people in your party you can now search for antagonist adventure games and work together to try and take down the other team, which are the Raiders. I really hope mercurysteam sees this message as I think adding this game mode and this extra antag gameplay feature would be a great Improvement to the game.

Also this is a kind of stupid question but its been on my mind for a while, but where did the green tint on the antagonist characters go?


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Re: New Ideas
Reply #1 on: November 27, 2019, 03:05:39 AM
I agree, I said way back during the closed beta that they would benefit from adding more standard multiplayer game modes.