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Patch Notes 18.1
on: October 24, 2019, 05:25:25 PM
Hi Raiders!

We are going to publish a new update on October 28th that will include some big changes in the Aleph's use. We will explain all the changes this Friday at 5 pm (GMT+2) in our Twitch channel with Laura Palomo and Hernán Ojuel.

Do you have any question for our devs? Tell us tagging #Spacelords in Twitter!

You can read all about the changes in the following lines:


Aleph-charged Sniper Elites offered an interesting gameplay based on the distance, but Assault and Officer Elites were simply activating their Aleph-based skills with no counterable options for the players. This was one of the reasons to restrict these Elite from spawning with Aleph charges.

This update brings a new way for both Assault and Officer Elites to activate their Aleph-based abilities, which also gives the players more choices when facing them than running away.

- Instead of consuming an Aleph Gem and activating their special melee immunity immediately, Assault Elite Soldiers now remain still for a while, charging the ability. In this state they are inmune to CQC, but they can receive shooter damage.

- This activation can be cancelled by getting the Elites down to wounded state, pushing them or dealing a specific amount of damage to them.

- Cancelled activations also prevent these Elites to consume their Aleph charge.

- Officer Elite Soldiers still become invulnerable when activating their ability, but now they deploy an Aleph Gem-fueled portable beacon on the ground in order to call the air strike.

- Once the air strkie begins the Elite Soldiers lose their invulnerability.

- Players are now be able to cancel the air strike by shooting the beacon down. If this happens, the Aleph charge will materialize as a pickable gem.

- The air strike also stops after several seconds. If this happens, the Aleph charge will be consumed.

- In order to make it easier to understand, FXs for the air strike attacks have been revamped.

- These Elite Soldiers now have to wait some time before they can use their abilities again.

Now that the Aleph-based skills activations can be countered by the players, all Elite Soldiers will have a mission-dependant chance of spawning with some Aleph charges.


- Grunt's melee damage has been decreased by 28% (18/25)

- Elite Assault's melee damage has been increased by 7% (30/28)

- Elite Officer's melee damage has been decreased by 14% (24/28)

- Elite Sniper's melee damage has been decreased by 28% (20/28)


- Removed explosion FX from the Officer Elite Soldiers' bullet hits.



- Sa-Dhu's capacity of removing pressure by shooting now only works when the bullet hits an enemy.


- Added a new FX to emphasize the energy-absorbing capacity of Catharsis' charge mode shots.



- Vendetta card has been removed from the game because it's activation condition referred the deprecated ammo system. Some local's cards have been restructured in the graph as a consequence.