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antag frustration
on: October 09, 2019, 01:42:06 AM
good that you have both feedback and suggestion.
I'm now loosing for 15-20 games (winning 2-3 in between) dropping my mmr from 50 to 28.
I only play antag for that monthly score of 260, and I've got 9+ on most mission with raider mmr of 50.

And still, with mmr 28 as antag, I still feel like I have no chance at all:
antag mmr 32, raider mmr 36 = 30 diff
antag mmr 30, raider mmr 37 = 34 diff (very same team, next match)

When I run as Lycus, I get taken down by two shots from pretty much anyone while doing 10 damage at most with one shot 5m away.
As Hans with Usu and linear moment card, I can hardly wound a Kuzman with a whole magazine. Even if I wound him, I land and punch, he does his slow roll away and three raiders punch and grab at the same time.

As soon as I show up, I have 4 raiders running my way, doing insane damage at a distance.

Also raiders at mmr 37 are three purple tier 1 and one purple tier 2, playing as a premade team. As soon as I start ghosting as Doldren, they immediatly huddle together. When I was only 37 mmr raider, I hardly knew how to do a mission, let alone how to counter an antag.

Now about the times I've won:
One time, the connection lagged so much (host disconnecting?) I couldn't even choose my raider. Somehow got a weak team and killed them with hyperbole.
Second time, I used easter egg on medias res, so much, that they gave up. Same tactic I used with Shakura before the patch.
Third time, I thought I wasn't seeing right. I had four with mmr 50, some well known. Their mission difficulty was 80! I didn't survive 3 seconds and couldn't even kill a single raider. Somehow they managed to get to the second part of aneskas map until the grunts killed them. I still got a 10 even though they got pretty far.

fyi: I know that I'm very bad as antag. I know that and I enjoy being a raider. With mmr 50, I do alright I think. But that monthly score is motivating me to try the other side and so far it is frustrating as hell and I don't understand your mmr system at all. Loosing 20+ games in a row should not be normal, it is not fun dying all the time immediatly after spawning because it's 4vs1. Mobs are either non-existand and killed as soon as they spawn (there are no mobs to command) or in very rare cases they do all the work.
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Re: antag frustration
Reply #1 on: October 09, 2019, 04:00:44 PM
I have been having the exact same problem. I haven't played in about a year, I only jumped back in when I seen the Heavy Metal update. Before I could easily win 2 or 3 out of 5 games as an antag but now it's more like one out of ten. Yesterday I went from 43 mmr down to 20 mmr without a single win.

The mission difficulty shouldn't change because there is an antag in the match it should be an extra challenge. The way it is now, I hope for an antag to join because the mission is so much quicker. Bosses melt and objectives only take half the time to complete.

The main problem I have is the respawn timer of the antag. 15 seconds + another 5 to load because of ping and then I'm forced to spawn at the opposite side of the map and have a other 10 Sprint to reach the raiders. Almost every encounter now is a 4 V 1 gang bang.

Also missions like a fistful of sand spawn the alaph beside the raiders in the final area. If I do happen to nearly kill the protector they just jump on a box grab the alaph and top his health and shield off.