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Antagonist Matchmaking
on: October 03, 2019, 07:25:35 AM
Hi, i'm playing in this great game since times it had name Raiders of the Broken Planet, and some time ago i switch on Xbox One platform for playing as the antagonist. And recently i often get as my enemies raiders who have up to 10 tiers more than mine/ And it's okay some times because for some reasons i can be loaded on missions with MMR higher than mine, when difficulty for raiders expands and they can be beaten somehow with the help of AI, but unfortunately its not really much the cases.  I just end my last game recently and i've had 3 raiders with purple tiers (1,4 and 5) against me. And i guess they have low MMR, because the don't have any problems to fight with bots on maps, and they had Mikah whose not used her ability at all, but come on guys, 4 and 5 purple tiers! I just can't look at their side, my tier is just 5, i got 28th level and them by 100 (if not higher) levels far from me, their weapons have ridiculously much damage for me. I try to play as Doldren since passive system was cut to make some difference in CQC, but they don't even bother to dodge if seeing me trying to grapple, just shoot 3-5 bullets in my way and it already makes me wounded. And i understand what i need to be stealthy and carefully choose the situation, but they experienced players, they always walk in pairs and looking for my spawn points. So even if i can doge somehow all their bullets and even get one of them, i will be defeated in next 2-3 seconds after end of cqc animation.
And i had a lot such situations recently, and i understand what it's hard to find players with the same stats all the time, but i really think the search system needs some tier restricment or maybe an optional setting which allows block/grant access to games with people who have 10 tiers more than you. Just it so sad, i really like this game and will continue to struggle, and it's great when you can defeat some higher level players with mind games, but i had really unfair games some times. And because of that, some other raiders who don't have much experience come to my games when i can wipe them instantly after i doomed by high-level players  3-4 times with better builds, and my MMR decreases to ~20.
So it's not about how i feel, MMR system is normal in most times because it raises difficulty levels and i can play even with 1 and 3 purple tiers with default weapon on some CQC related characters. It just simply needs some level restricts because of weapons damage in my opinion.
Please help :[
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Re: Antagonist Matchmaking
Reply #1 on: October 04, 2019, 09:35:23 AM
My answer won't be of much help to you, I think it's the usual case of "playerbase is too small so matchmaking sucks". But I can tell you a few useful things:

1. Weapon resistance passives will be removed in Epic Forge update, whuch will change how we build guns. I don't know if it all will help new playera or veterans.
2. Highest rank is Purple Tier 1, Purple 5 is below, although at P5 you already have Forge 9, out of 10. So yeah, they were very strong, but Tier 1 was the strongest.
4. Their MMR was probably low for them, and it's mostly a fault of that system. Usually low level Antag turns missions into hell.
4. Doldren might be not the best pick against experienced players, because people are trained to react to his ability, and it is probably hard to you to pull headshots on them. Try to adapt more and use different raiders. My personal recommendation to low level players — Konstantin. He has high damage to kill anyone, his sphere can help you grab people or push them off the map. But there are a lot of choices for a lot of places.