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Feedback of new update
on: October 01, 2019, 08:41:27 AM
Since discord moves a bit fast for feedback, here is mine:

- Talent cards. I like the non-randomness. The point-cost and waiting times are fine. The gold cost to skip time is fine until a couple of hours. From 1800 to 250k. Please make a cap of 50k.

- Sööma catharsis. Good buff, now it's useful. Last vial seems better, but could need some more buffs. Please buff Aneska in a similar fashion or give her a cool new weapon.

- Hive debuffs. Why? I barely understand that plague got debuffed.

- Shakura & Whip. Whip still feels bad compared to other raiders. Shakura is weird, you nerfed it too much. The damage is very low and it mostly useful for melee. Having it be around you feels unuseful. However the "follow" aspect would have been a perfect fit for Whip.

- Aleph throwing and dropping. As an antag, I enjoy it immensely that they explode fast.

- Unlimited ammo. This feels like a big change. When I started Space lords, there was no dropping stuff. Elites had the aleph withing, and melee transferred it. From then you introduced and removed drops again.
Unlimited ammo changes a lot of things. Some cards that are still in the game are completely useless now. This makes this addition feel rushed. Some weapons/raiders are way better & easier to play than others. Balancing it out will take a lot of time.

Suggestion: make unlimited ammo temporary (and returning) like "unlimited-ammo-tuesday" and add "double-aleph-wednesday". This would make it a fun and changing game.