Author Topic: Constant Disconnection/Reconnection problem!  (Read 887 times)

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Constant Disconnection/Reconnection problem!
on: September 27, 2019, 06:33:33 PM
Hi there.

I just started playing the game a couple days ago and I simply can't play it today. I'm not the only one also, my friend whom I invited to play with me is also unable to play the game due to either being disconnected during the mission or after the character selection screen, being stuck in the reconnection loop or literally not even being able to connect.

I tried reaching out to people on the discord but I was told that this issue had to be worked around with a VPN which to me is absurd.

The worst part is that we are also losing MMR and the daily rewards everytime we get disconnected. For older players this might not seem like much but for a new player, those daily blueprints/money and experience is very important. We're getting really frustrated with the lack of responses to the issues. Seems like the game is just abandoned. Which is just insane considering how good it is....

This is a post I've made on Reddit a little while ago and for another week the game was kind of fine. This week we are back at getting constant disconnections during missions to a level that it's making us want to stop playing Spacelords. Which sucks because we love the game.

Anyways, I've made posts and talked about this all over the community platforms for the game except for the Steam forums because I avoid it like the plague.

Fact is, I've spoken to other brazilians that are also experiencing this constant disconnection issue. And even when not disconnecting, most if not all of our matches have someone disconnect during them. There must be some issue with the bridge servers or something like that, it really feels like a timeout issue. The P2P system needs some work but this issue should probably be addressed as soon as possible. The population is already low. We can't afford to have players not being able to play. Most people aren't vocal about things, especially on PC, if they find an issue with a game most people will just move on. Rarely do you see people that actually stick around and try to get the issue noticed.

Hope we find the issue. I do have a video of it happening but I don't think it'll really help to solve the issue. It might prove that I'm not making this up. I just have to encode it because it's 800mbs so it'd take a while to upload it raw to youtube. As soon as I have it up I'll add it to this post.
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