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My overall point of view
on: September 13, 2016, 03:46:45 PM
Hi everyone!

It has been a pleasure to be part of this awesome beta. I will give my opinion in several fields of the game development, and then will write about what I liked the most and the least.

Beautiful. I didn't play on ultra settings, but still character textures and animations looked really good. The same with the scenario. People playing with me noticed that both female characters have the same animation, but it's more than understandable in this development stage.

Really good, too. I specially liked the audio feedback when you hit and kill an enemy, pretty accurate.

Video performance
I played with an Nvidia GTX670 and played smoothly. Didn't have any problem with my card.

The game itself
I found it original enough. I love cooperative games, but this game made me love even more been the frustrating antagonist.

Thinkgs I enjoyed the most
- Reward system. I liked the voting and sharing thing. I am not sure about weapons, but for exp and money it definitely works.
- Being the antagonist.
- The art.

Things I enjoyed the least
- Ammo recovering system. Specially fighting the boss you can literaly do nothing until more AI enemies appear.
- Insta-killing grabs.
- Players can recover lives indefinitely.

Things I would think about
- Skipping cinematics (during the whole beta I kept on 4/5 - 3/4 skip votes). I understand the map has to be loaded and the cinematics are great, but thinking of loyal and constand players, it will be boring and even frustrating, as it seems that some people never skips the cutscene although they have already seen it. Some random ideas: Don't need every positive vote to skip the scene, show only if there is a new player who has never seen it, a chat to encourage the last person to skip the cutscene (if a chat is on future plans).

- In my opinion, Shae is totally OP. I don't consider myself a bad player, but I am not as good as I seemed playing with her, finishing the whole team several times as antagonist. It's really easy to insta-kill any player who is not aware of your precense, and that's now hard considering Shae is not regulary seen through walls.

- I loved Alicia's jumping skills, but the beta scenario is not suitable for it. It just does not have the shape. I would think about this for future scenarios.

- This is not a priority but I think designing a good tutorial is important in this game, as the mele system and character skills have some "tricks" that may give you a great combat advantage.

- Adding a way of playing with your friends.

- A way of communicating with your team. If not a chat, at least some default sentences to give basic orders.

I hope you find this post useful. See you on the next beta!

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Re: My overall point of view
Reply #1 on: September 15, 2016, 06:36:42 PM
Thanks for the feedback. Really useful stuff.

The next beta will have quite a few tweaks and changes here and there :-)

Playing as the antagonist is a big focus for the game, so we are glad you (and many others) liked that especially.