Author Topic: What can we do about unfriendly players\friendly antagonists ?  (Read 1932 times)


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Look, i can't lie...i really enjoy when there's a friendly antagonist in my game...having fun, emoting...or hilariously helping us complete the mission
But when there's an unfriendly squad mate however...
You see..stakes are higher when you're the raider, antagonist don't have a lot to loose because they can expect to loose a lot

So i can understand having an antagonist who just wants to have fun and take a break from constant tension

But having a player raider who deliberately sabotages the mission is unacceptable
How does they sabotage it?
By carrying an objective and running away from it (the bombs at beast's lair for example)
Or by giving the antagonist aleph :/

It's fun i understand...but i also feel bad for the players who loose everything they've accumulated from past missions just because someone didn't want to play according to plan

Is the answer a kick option? Absolutely not
Kick buttons can only bring more trouble from people who aren't happy with their teams

I have a not very simple idea
Report mission button
When you report the mission the last few minutes before the report gets recorded

Then one of the teams review the recorded bit and see if there's something unusual
And then they decide on what to do

This can easily help record a bug(there is none but you never know)

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