Author Topic: Host migration and why it needs to be changed. IMMEDIATELY  (Read 562 times)


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For the most part host migration isn't a major issue. However, When I am play with people across the world it is a serious issue. On missions like "Mind Over Matter" or "A Weapon From the Past", really ALL of the mission. Host migration starts the entire game ALL OVER!?!

I understand in the past there was host migration exploit but let me explain were players suffer. Mission is A Weapon From the Past and your friend who lives in a whole different country is the host. The Sphere is on the final alter and seconds, literally SECONDS, away from winning. Suddenly your friend's connection dips and it host migrates. Well surprise You have to start ALL FUCKIGN OVER with sudden death with a tier 2 Harec who is slaughtering the tier 6. How is this okay? Why are people getting punished for host disconnecting? Not even purposely leaving. To make matters worse I lost a rare blueprint on my pot with a 97%. So not only did I not win which was a waste of a quickplay but I also lost all my gold, faction points, and most importantly XP because I'm a tier 4 who cant level up because I keep getting teamed up against a tier 1 antagonist. I'm slowly drifting away from the game because I understand the rage and frustration that comes with it.