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New Fifth Council Raider Concept(?)
on: September 08, 2019, 05:35:47 AM
I am working on a Fifth Council raider concept and I am having way more trouble than I had for my Local raider concept (Kiera). I kept focusing on a raider that was a tank like the other Fifth Council members. Then I realized why not another support raider? I know this could be a issue sense we already have Iune and Sooma along side with certain builds that could take the support role like Hive's Storma card or even Kuzmann with L.Horizon but hear me out.

While watching a streamer playing Spacelords he said something that sparked my interest (Don't remember what exactly he said). I decided to take his random ramble and try to polish it into a full concept.

Ability concept: When a teammate is down [insert raider's name here] can teleport to the downed teammate and draw aggro. This ability doesn't need line of sight to teleport.

To me this sounds like it can be a good idea with some more polishing. However, I cannot think of how it would be even remotely useful in the sense of playing as an antagonist sense the only adds that go down are elites and even then they aren't downed for long sense most of the time they are killed in CQC. To add to that I also fear it is too similar to Doldren but just sorta reversed in the sense of needing a downed teammate instead of an enemy.

Another ability concept is a temporary aleph boost. The raider shoots a syringe at a targeted teammate and gives them a temporary aleph boost causing the boosted teammate to get the effect of having 5 aleph but without actually having it. Keep in mind the effect is temporary and there would be a cooldown so you cant just constantly keep boosting them. However, same fear as before I don't know how it would work as an antagonist.
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