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games of the day
on: August 29, 2019, 06:28:39 AM
pot :
3players and huey, invaded by a first tier shae who had lowered its mmr, so elite snipers (and monsters in general) were faaar more deadly than she was.
i was playing a new character with forge 0 lvl, to obtain a BP, unfortunately her default weapon was unable to reach the boss.
same for the second player apparently (nilben)
the third player left the game.
pot lost.

second game :
harec invasion.
match full of improbable cqc bugs and unregular ping going from 80 to 300.
barely won.
but 0 fun all along.

third game.
hanging by a thread invaded by a valeria.
playing sooma :
--> on first and last part, other players had NOTHING to do except waiting around me that time pass and we could move on.
but they passed their time dying against antag like nobrainers and match was lost by instant death while we just had to reach the extraction point.

forth game :
for rare BP.
so i was playing the same useless new character.
teamed with huey AND lewey on an insane difficulty mission (no reservation). this bug ALWAYS happen when there is more than a bro cort in a team.
we could barely move, explosions were everywhere and OS us. without talking about pack of 3-4 elites full of aleph roaming the platformes.
rare BP lost.

fifth mission.
no reservation again.
4 first tier players.
very high difficulty and... a frenzied suicider.
with no reason.
he start killing himself in the 2 last parts and emptied lives while we were around 300 meters to the objective.

5missions and just a strong desire to uninstal and forget this game.

so why am i describing my daily gaming session, wich is of relatively few interest ?
because, except for nobrainers against devs are powerless, most of the things who happened today, are common problems the community complains about for VERY long time.

problems who destroy the game reputation more than anything and who won't be solved by 6545 (unwanted) different aleph modifications or shiny new characters

so at this point, devs have the full responsability for not acting against them.
and if this game dies, because players can't stand all this bullshit anymore, they will have the entire responsibility of their failure.
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