Author Topic: Reasons for Optional PvP  (Read 4407 times)


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Re: Reasons for Optional PvP
Reply #15 on: August 14, 2019, 06:01:24 PM
Also i have another idea why make it optional? Better to make it pure pvp. No game without antag.
Indeed, I’ve personally also suggested this, they should either cut the crap, fully commit to PVP and have it as a requirement to start a match, or make it optional, because what we have now is a completely disrespectful system tailored to griefers.

All popular games with big following are pvp ones.
There’s a few big and successful PVP games but the majority of PVP games released to the market fall flat on their faces, its high risk high reward when a dev team decides to tackle them, PVE games however have more of a safety cushion and are in general more widely played.

but if we look at top of what is streamed it will be mostly pvp games.
Stream viewership doesn’t reflect player count.