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looking for team.
on: August 09, 2019, 09:40:10 PM
i'm bored of dumb teams and useless players.

just looking 2 or 3 mates to play with regularly.
but with some requirement...  :D
- if you are a quitter/surrenderer/suicider : no.
- if you are afraid of antags or don't know how to defend yourself : no.
- if you only want to kill grunts and let others do the real job (except if this is your role in this mission, obviously) : no.
- if you just chose your character only for your score and not the mission : no.
- if you absolutly don't know what to do, dont want to learn, but rage because others doesn't carry you : no.
- if you are charging again and again, dying again and again without learning shit and without even thinking you should change your approach : no...
- if you think missions objectives are not clear enough : no, because they are.

but :
i don't care of your level.
i don't care if you still have to learn.
i don't care if you are not a pro-gamer or even if you die a lot.

just don't be a coward or a burden and have a brain.
and just send me an invite ingame with this name.
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Re: looking for team.
Reply #1 on: August 10, 2019, 04:59:30 AM
Rn I'm farming the beasts lair for coins and xp. Imo it's the fastest mission to complete with shae and her dag.