Author Topic: What is up with the broken matchmaking and MMR system  (Read 925 times)


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So  I'm playing on 50 MMR and you know what I get? 2 unranked players. What about the third person? oh wait the 3rd guy disconnected. 

To put even more icing on this shitty cake I had a rank 5 antag. Piece of cake right? Yeah,no. Since the MMR system is so broken the guy with about 30 MMR can have bots that scale to MMR 79. I literally got oneshotted by a fucking kick, but when I'm antag it's a whole new story.

I have no bots on my side because they died because they were so easy to kill with a grab, making this shitty targeting system useless to anyone over 45 mmr. There is no reason to actually be high MMR if the bots can't decide how hard they wanna be.
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Re: What is up with the broken matchmaking and MMR system
Reply #1 on: August 08, 2019, 05:23:12 AM
i couldn't agree more...
a lot came here and said :

"hey, your AI system is one of the dumbest we ever seen in games. or it is boring like empty hell, foes looking stupidly at you while you destroy them ; or they cheats like hell, instant killing you whatever you or they do, and usally they do things not allowed by the game rules.
no in beetwin.
but either way, to easy or too hard, THERE IS NO FUN."
in fact, the AI is so unbearable that, victory or defeat makes no difference for me. there is so much irritating things during missions that, one more time, either way, THERE IS NO FUN.

several persons insist on the fact that they should REALLY do something and change it.

moreover the mmr system makes no sens, and mmr cheaters, raiders or antag just break the game even more. one-more-time-please-do-something...
even several solutions were given.

they did something.
and what did they do ?
increased the difficulty at lower mmr...

as far as i am concerned, i'm waiting paragon 2 with an impatience growing proportionnaly with my exasperation for spacelord.


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Re: What is up with the broken matchmaking and MMR system
Reply #2 on: August 08, 2019, 05:59:09 PM
victory or defeat makes no difference for me

after one or two weeks feeling the same, win or loose antag or not...i dont care anymore.

i have my fun with:
-the artstyle (main reason for new players like me)
-characters, the disign and voiceover (more or less)
-im interested on how the skills and weapons works (big thing to keep it on for longer)
-little things that make me smile like the farthing sound on a boss  ;D

there is a question i would ask: why are people joining alpha and beta tests  if the game makes such huge changes on the technical side messy af, excuse me ???
hotfix/bugfix the shit out of the game or what is the point...
i know mse is reading posts sooner or later but where are the fixes we need. big silence in my downloads only shopupdates and skins, "lame" is the word i was looking with my bad english.

i´m sure thats not the way on how it works now days.
the updates are makeing such big changes it feels tested by 4 people at 3:00 in the morning. for an old player this hits right in the face and for a new one like me... its confused me more than it was before PriceGalore comes in, made for casual one's that are already back in overwatch or what kind of crap they playing  (im a bit sad  :'( sry)

Don't let it die like that, its a masterpiece of artstyle with less then 3
listen to your community and give the game the things that are really matter and test it with logic and some love, c'mon!