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missions's advices - ennemy within
on: July 28, 2019, 05:07:46 PM
recommended raiders :
- shae, really good against the boss and as counter antag on this mission, good against drones too if you focus their tentacules.
- strongs aoe dealer if green things get messy. but don't forget you'll have to destroy pustuls too and some are really far.
(- lycus, can end the drones really fast. but he's less usefull on the second part.)

first, you'll have to destroy the drone, the 3 first drones you'll destroy will let a glowing orange beacon on the floor. you'll have to activate the 3 of them. when not bugged, blue light will appear in an activated beacon.

ignore leaders who shouts "you have to defend the beacoooon !!!"
just destroys the incoming drones, they are the only one who can take beacons back. drones comes from only 2sides of the map (north from starting point and west from starting point).
and most of the time when they start spawning from a side they'll continue if you kill them quick enough. so just wait for them and kill them one after another.
and if a drone takes back a beacon don't forget to activate the beacon again once the drone killed.

boss part :
you'll have to feed the protector with aleph to make beherit vulnerable.
you'll have to punch the black slugs crawling on the floor for that. not shooting at them like i have seen many times.
once inside, just punch your clone wathever it does, without asking question. the clone never punches you to death. so at a time he will always grab, and you'll kill it. so, only punch and you'll win, 100% garanteed.

once beherith vulnerable, shoot the yellow pustules on its legs.

try to curb the greenish things as much as you can, they can be a big problem since they OS you if you are to close from them.
at low mmr they dont know how to climb, take advantage of this.
at high mmr. well.. at high mmr they'll probably end your mission whatever you do.

always look at your surrounding when you put aleph on beherith, there is always a greenish who lurks around to eat you while unaware.

and that's all, try to survive the greenish, explode pustules and boom. beherith returns to momy.
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Re: missions's advices - ennemy within
Reply #1 on: July 29, 2019, 05:11:01 AM
As far as Antagonist are concerned  that second have of the mission is bad no matter who they choose, there is no space for them to run. But yeah Loaht, Ayana and Lycus to name a few suck on the second half.