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mission's advices - fistfull of sand
on: July 28, 2019, 02:13:13 PM
recommended raiders :
- sooma, because engineers to kill quickly
- mikha with her shield gun (don't know the name sorry), because fossile to protect.
- an aoe character to decrease their number quickly like rak or loath. because lot of people.
- a counter antag. because antag. you can encounter any character, but be ready against harec, shae or konstantin.

just avoid this mission if you don't know how to defend yourself against antagonists, or you'll just end up here whining... promise.

on this mission, counterantaging should have to be a full time job.
so other characters, first will have to know what to do in order the counter does not have to do anything else, and then be ready to defend themselves, if the counter antag dies, is to slow, or is simply no match.

first thing first, sooma goes and protect the console with redeemer to avoid activation of turrets by engineers.

the 2 others characters find aleph and search for the old man.
i don't know if his place is determined at the start or if we have a growing % of finding him each time we are cheking a slave. but i'll barely never found him quickly.
so, you can start checking the farest slaves and little by little check the nearest from the exit point. so, tetraplegic will have less distance to make to reach the exit and he will be easier to defend.

second part.
have mikha to escort the fossile, protecting him with shield when necessary.
you have to focus and destroy the turrets as quickly as possible. grumpy doesn't like turrets.
it is pretty important to take controle of the last 2 turrets (the one defending the exit) as soon as you can too, not only they will help in defense, but they can kill the old man really quickly too, while preventing players to put aleph on him. it's not a fun situation to face. if a turrets run out of ammo, you can just let a grunt grab it, it seems they will refill it.

and that's it, in this part, except for turrets that can be traitorous and antag, you'll just have to keep monsters from reaching the old man.
try to share aleph, so anyone can put some on the old man to restore his shield when needed.
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Re: mission's advices - fistfull of sand
Reply #1 on: July 28, 2019, 04:36:40 PM
Just grab harec and have good aim, done XD