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mission's advices - world's destroyer
on: July 28, 2019, 02:43:31 AM
recommended raiders :
- any dealer damage character
- valeria, is usefull here since she can put portal in the antag spwaning line, preventing them to "hide" or cover.

there is a few things to knows about this fight, but none are crucial, you'll probably be able to finish the mission just trying to survive and shooting at the boss.

so, first, you'll have to put aleph in the reactor, but once you have put one, no need to put more until the pressure decrease, it will only waste it.
the pressure is indicate by the green bar on top of the screen, green, it's full and yellow it's decreasing. in game you can just look at the reactor : flaming reactor do not need aleph.
there is 6 reactors, but you can feed any reactor to charge the whole ship. so no need to charge them one by one.

second part :
here comes aneska. 
well, just shoot at her, but when she target locks you, you'll have to move. a mark will appear around your head. have no fear, just keep moving until the red triangles around your head desappear and you won't be touch by the strikes. be carefull not to follow the step of another player, or you'll be striked by missiles targeting him.
the hard thing with this attack is to avoid grabbing elites (or an antag) while you try to flee the missiles. so try to be aware of your surroundings.

she will also uses ground slash pretty often. nothing special, just avoid walking on the slashes on the ground, especially when they explode.

other aneska's attack is plasma bombing. nothing to know about. just avoid the blue balls.

you'll see that sometimes she will stay immobile above the middle of the ship before trying to overcharge her mech. then exclamations points will appear next to 3 reactors. a little after she will go near one the marked reactors.
you have 3 options here :
- you have some aleph and put one onto the reactor, the best choice.
it will make appear aneska weak point and you'll be able to shoot it to make better damages.
- you have no aleph to put in the reactor. ok, don't panic. just shoot at the orange cartridge who appeared behind the reactor until it explodes.
it won't make aneska vulnerable but it prevent the worst situation :
- you do nothing and let aneska charges her mech.
bad choice. she will become invincible for a pretty long time while she will unload tons of huge bouncing balls all over the map. hide and try to survive, they are mean.

a good strategy is to dispatch toward the marked reactors when they appear (while shooting at her all you can). so you'll be sure someone is near the good one to act quickly.
but be carefull, it happens that grunts and elite will focus you to prevent you to stop aneska. so the rest of the team will have to regroup to help and protect, because overpowered aneska is pretty annoying.

sometimes aneska will land, and go from corners to corners, jumping at them. at high mmr, she electrifies the ground when she lands. it does great damage, and stay on the ground long time after she's gone, so avoid the places or you'll die really quick.

for its last health bar, she alternate homing missiles and ground slash, running from a side of the map from another. you can coordinates your homing escape to always have her in front of you and being able to shoot, finishing her quickly.

and i think that's pretty much all there is to know.
kick her nice booty and be happy.