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New player Advice, please read - In Shock
on: July 29, 2019, 09:51:43 PM
This mission has 3 stages.

The first mission sees you and your team attempting to shoot down the mooring clamps, at the end of the Beholder's tentacles. This will be the first time you'll encounter a beholder. They lock onto you, which you can see by a circle that goes red. If you stay too long in it's 'gaze' it will kill you. Depending on how close you are to the Beholder, will result in how quickly the circle turns red. The closer, the faster.
There are six legs to shoot. You can see which one needs to be shot as the ends will be orangey/red. Shoot them to destroy them.

Stage 2:

The Beholder, now free from its moorings, will patrol the air moving around the area on the left of the screen (left as in if you're looking directly at the Beholder in the first stage). You have to shoot the bottom part of the Beholder, the thrusters and just above. Shooting the main head won't do as much damage. Upon destroying it you move into the final battle with Kuzman.

Stage 3.

Kuzman will first jump onto a pillar on his right (your left). He will electrify the main floor. Jump onto the raised area to escape being electrocuted, which will put you into wounded state instantly. He will ten fly over the pillar on his left (your right) and electrocute the raised areas of the game. Jump onto the main area to escape this.
As you do damage, Kuzman will switch from pillar to pillar, electrocuting the main and raised areas, until after enough damage he will tell you about making "Shae suffer". He'll jump into the centre pillar where Shae is, electrocute the main area and a countdown will begin. Three levers will be accessible: one on the left, one of the right and one behind Kuzman at the foot of the pillar on the raised platform area. You need to activate all three levers before the timer depletes to zero or else it's mission over.

Rinse and repeat to finish the mission. Of course, in all three stages, enemy dropships will deliver enemies to harass you. Be careful not to get surrounded.

***Important advice***. Kuzman's weapon will deliver a charge on you which you will see as a glowing blue ball around you. When this happens RUN AS FAR AWAY from your team mates as possible or else you will electrocute and kill them. Don't, whatever you do, run to your allies. The amount of times this has happened, resulting in putting team mates into wounded state, to be grabbed/sniped by elites, shot by the grunts and killed by Kuzman beggars belief. STAY AS FAR AWAY FROM YOUR TEAM WHEN YOU ARE GLOWING BLUE. DON'T JUST STAY AND HIDE AS YOUR TEAM MATES MIGHT NOT SEE YOU. You're the one who has been hit and it's your duty to put as much distance between you and your team.
Fight Kuzman from a distance. Don't get close. CQC does not work on him. Beast mode with Loaht will not work either. The only time you should ever be in close proximity to him is when you're accessing the levers or you're a Hive player, stealing health.


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Re: New player Advice, please read - In Shock
Reply #1 on: July 30, 2019, 03:45:04 AM
A suggestion, put images pertaining to the subject in your paragraph or just one mid walkthrough. I found that you can lose some people if you don't give any visual representation to keep them going.

Case in point, my ancient Mind over Matter mission walkthrough. My images got hit with a watermark later on so in a way i'm glad it got buried underneath all the threads.