Author Topic: New Guild Looking Specifically For Players With Bounty/Affiliation Weapons  (Read 7248 times)


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Hi all.

Just created a guild - 'Bounty' - looking for Tier 1 players, who want to maximise pot & daily rewards by equipping Bounty, Affiliation weapons or both. Just message me for an invite. Looking for players with at least 25% on their weapons for bonuses. Leeway given, obviously, if you're going for a blueprint and can't equip a bounty/affiliation bonus weapon.

I'm not really concerned about Aequilibrium bonus, so no need for you having to play Antagonist, to boost it, if you don't want to. This guild is solely for teaming up with others, to maximise gold and faction point acquisition.

Message me on PSN for an invite.

PSN: Another-Chump
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Hey there, I read this post and tried to reach out psn, but it said something about your settings not allowing me to message/friend you. Can you send me a friend request? My tag is Merc-Prince.


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Whats your banner look like, just curious.