Author Topic: Descriptions of some cards.  (Read 909 times)


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Descriptions of some cards.
on: July 23, 2019, 09:40:37 PM
I know that the translation of some cards are a little weird. I also know I will probably get a message saying "Don't ask the forums just test it out". But with the factions points now being universal talent points Its hard to test out the cards I have questions for rather than just settling with the cards I like. Which isn't bad, however, I feel left out of some builds that could be better. For example: I didn't realize how good of a card "electrical bypass" was until Hihsasuke made a video about it.

The whole point of this is because I read a card for Sooma "Temperance". The description reads "If you do not have active protections, your pain bar empties 5% every second. If you have an aleph super boost, your protection are 80% more powerful". The first part sounds great sense I don't care much for increasing my personal damage. I wanna support. However, I get confused with the aleph super boost part. What does it mean by 80% more powerful? Other cards say "25% more health points" so is it the same with a differ word? Does it mean that the shields will apply more pain to your pain bar? I would like to know before I use the talent points trying to get it.


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Re: Descriptions of some cards.
Reply #1 on: August 01, 2019, 03:53:06 PM
Hi Alex!

I have checked it with the team and it's just the same: 80% more powerful = 80% more health points.

I hope this helps! ;)