Author Topic: mission's advices - hanging by a thread  (Read 834 times)


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mission's advices - hanging by a thread
on: July 27, 2019, 11:01:42 PM
recommended raiders :
- sooma, with redeemer, always to take care of engineers
- any raider able to handle big pack of ennemy at the same time. (konstantin can easilly throw them behind the border of the map with his sphere on the second part. it's fun) ^^

first part of the mission, no stress, just kill things...
like on any missions make engineers your first priority, then try to kill grunts on turrets as soon as you can. but except if everyone ignore them, there is really few chance they lycus before the part ends.
and with sooma you're chance for that reach 0

map is short and there is only 3 spawn points for antags. so if one shows up you could victimise him pretty easily on this map.

second part of mission. serious things are starting here.
if my memory is good, still only 2 spawn points for antags. and the map is not big. if you are not blind you could see them spawning pretty easilly again.

there can have pretty large packs of ennemy here, so be ready to fight. moreover, a character will become target's order really often. be aware to help each other.
(when players do not stays packed or do not cares for others, i usually run to the entrance of the map as soon as i see i am the target, in order to have a long distance to kill them before they reach me. but do as you want) ^^

use the turrets to destroy the objective as soon as you can. eventually split in two groups (one for each turret) or stay well packed (the option i love the most) if monsters are too agressives. and then alternate on turrets to shoot on vessels continuously. each time a raider fall low on health another replace him immediatly while the others continue to defend the place against storming monsters.

the third part :
just run along the right border of the map straight to the lift, ignoring monsters, and you'll be in the lift before the extraction countdown of the precedent part reach 0.

final part.
probably the hardest part, elites can be really agressive here and engineers hack the reactor really quickly.
so use sooma to protect them and you'll certainly have no problem.
anyway if there is no sooma, be reactive and fill again the reactor as soon as one of them is hacked and survive the elites.
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Re: mission's advices - hanging by a thread
Reply #1 on: July 30, 2019, 03:25:47 PM
All 3 terminals can be seen from balcony across from evac point
So when all 3 gen are active your team can "hold  the fort" there
just be sure to keep an eye on the gate up there, so you wont get surprised by elite spawn