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New player Advice, please read - Double Agent
on: July 23, 2019, 04:30:49 PM
This mission can easily be lost unless you follow specific mission objectives.

Stage One:

On the first stage of the mission, you must escort, the mind controlled, Schneider around while he unlocks terminals. He has a shield on him which the enemy will shoot. Once they remove the shield he'll snap out of his mind control and start trying to hack the terminals. If you allow him to, it's mission over. To stop him from doing this you have to attack him, drop his health down and then use an aleph to replenish his shield.
There are two icons at the top of the screen. You have to fill the left one up and not allow the right one to go up. The left fills up with successful Schneider programming of terminals. The right fills up when Schneider loses his shield and runs off to hack the terminals.
Not only do you have to protect Schneider by killing those shooting at him, but the enemy will send in engineers to hack the terminals he's used. Engineers show up as blue on the map. Shoot them or else a successful hack will mean losing one bar of the four bars you have to fill.
Upon completing this you move into the second and final stage.

Stage Two:

Schneider's mind hack stops and he will jump into a giant mech.
You then, obviously have to attack him.
***Late Edit***If you look around the level you will see big flowers on the walls. You need to load an aleph into the aleph root (as explained below) to make the flowers appear. Like the first stage, they can be destroyed making a large explosion (don't be near or they will most likely kill you, if not put you into wounded state). Lure Schneider towards them and shoot them when he's close. This will expose Schneider, removing the protective cover allowing you to do alot of damage.
Upon taking so much Schneider will jump onto a ledge and rain down explosions all over the place. This can be tough. Dodge them and try not to get wounded or you'll most likely get killed by an Elite sniper or Elite CQC specialist. He will eventually jump back down and start attacking. Rinse and repeat with the flower on the wall when he's close.
He will also shoot activate the crystal on the ceiling in the middle of the map which will send out laser beams that rotate anti clockwise. Don't get hit by them or you'll either be killed or go into wounded state.

Again, depending on how much damage he's taken he will either jump back down to attack or this time, jump onto another ledge and try to 'drop' the crystal he previously activated. You will see the timer countdown which if it gets to zero, he succeeds and it's mission over.
Now this is VERY important what to do next. If you don't you will lose the mission as he will drop the crystal. Around the map you will see protruding outcrops that you can interact with. You will see an interaction icon by them. They will also be outlined. You MUST load an aleph into one which will activate the flower just behind Schneider, to his right (your left). Shoot the flower, which will then send Schneider falling to the ground to be exposed yet again. If you DO NOT do this he will drop the crystal and game over.

For leaders in the game, there is a command that says something like "Someone to load aleph in the aleph root". However, there isn't a command for 'shoot the flower'.

*****MSE, you need to put in a command that states: "Someone to Shoot the flower" and when the flower appears, make a big red exclamation marker (like with Marmalade's eyes and tentacles) appear above it. I have played in missions where people haven't a clue what to do.*****

If you succesfully do this you will win the mission, providing you can survive the elite grunts, elite snipers, explosions, crystal lasers and Schneider
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Re: New player Advice, please read - Double Agent
Reply #1 on: July 24, 2019, 03:21:09 PM
recommended raiders :
- sooma with redeemer (mostly for the first stage who can be pain in the ass).
- at least a long range character to shoot the flower on the second part of the mission (if that's not you... well pray that he knows what he's doing or it's gameover).
- dealing damage characters to end the boss "quickly"


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Re: New player Advice, please read - Double Agent
Reply #2 on: July 30, 2019, 03:12:33 PM
if you got enough high-damage characters with enough range there is a tactical choice >NOT< to shoot that flower when Shneider is trying to drop the crystal if he was recently concussed and mech is open.

The point is its much easier to shoot him in the face when he is stationary and not shooting rockets at you, rotating left and right

I sort of feel like faceplanting into my table when there are 3-4 chars with range, his mech is open, there is 60+sec on timer and someone decides to drop him down instead of calmly shooting at him