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Caliber, Lethal & Effective
on: July 22, 2019, 04:42:24 PM
Caliber = Shot damage
Lethal = Critical multiplier
Effective = Critical chance

At max weapon build you have 37 points to spend. What is the best priority?
I would imagine Caliber as that means a higher critical and then lethal which greatly enhances this. Would it be better to pump more points into lethal, increasing critical damage, but lowering critical chance, or more points in effective, with a higher critical chance but lower damage?

With 12 points evenly in all three you have:

Caliber 29%
Lethal 2.7
Effective 28%

With one point left it increases Caliber by 2, Lethal by 0.13 and critical by 3%.
The max on 15 for Caliber is 36%, Lethal 3.08 and Effective 35%.

What would you put your points into?
BTW this is for Ayana's Legacy weapon.

I understand that Effective on Kuzman's or Konstantin wouldn't be needed as much compared to a weapon that didn't fire as much. But then Ayana lays mines hitting multiple enemies at once upping critical chance.
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Re: Caliber, Lethal & Effective
Reply #1 on: July 24, 2019, 09:51:34 PM
I use 7-15-15, because more reliable crits make you shoot less