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Reply #15 on: July 19, 2019, 06:39:24 PM
Marcus man I agree with you 100% but it's seriously time for you to just delete the game and quit playing. I uninstalled the game permanently a while ago because I saw the shitshow MSE was turning it into and it wasn't worth getting angry over and letting it frustrate me that much. You're 100% right that this game is fucked in so many ways and that's exactly why you just need to let it go man don't let Spacelords do this to you it really isn't worth the anger, the frustration, and it's damn sure not worth some dumb pointless platinum trophy on your account that means nothing. There's so many other games to play and so many other things to do besides let yourself get pushed to this type of rage over this toxic trash. I hope you're able to understand my point of view here and just walk away like most of the rest of us already have and I hope you can get back to enjoying the time you spend gaming again elsewhere cause this game is only going to get worse.
I nearly have my Platinum and when done I will be off for good.
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Reply #16 on: July 23, 2019, 05:41:22 AM
Immediately Mikah quits.
stop whining please, you're doing the exact same things to other people and thinks it's absolutly normal and there is nothing to care about cause it's just a game.

Yes, I have a thread saying that people are free to quit, but there's a COLOSSAL DIFFERENCE between being stuck in a game as the only T1, high ranking player and a bunch of T2, R6 and unranked.
no. the only difference is you were the victim this time.
but considering that your are quitting 50% of your match, i can easilly understand you're not used to encounter players who quits quicker than you do...

You are utterly incapable of differeniating between high ranking T1 players and low ranking T2.
there is no difference.
he had HIS reasons to quit exactly has you have yours and he doesn't care about your opinions exactly as you don't care about the team mates you leave to their fate.
and your point of view stated that's it's just a game and it's not important, so, stop the drama.

so let's go everyone, yolo ! quit every time you have anything who bother you !
we won't be able to end any fckg mission, but hey, there is no problem with that.
quitting if you just want to is ok, and there is no problem in being selfish, especially in something who is just game.
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Reply #17 on: July 23, 2019, 10:19:25 AM
Hi Marcus4471,

We understand your frustration, but we need you to be constructive. There's no point on insulting or including someone's username since the last thing we want is to encourage bullying. That's why we have an email where you can report cheaters or inappropiate behaviour.

We are continuosly checking our social media channels, the forums, discord and so to read your feedback about updates, new content or bug reports. And I'm proud to say we mantain a close communication when something breaks down so our community feels we listen and we help.

Please understand if you repeat the same behaviour as the player who quit during the match, the system will automatically ban you. I don't believe that behaviour favours your teammates neither.

We believe this post is getting out of hand, so I'll procede to edit it and close it. I hope you understand this is also a warning, we won't tolerate more insults.

Thank you.
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