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New Enemy Types?
on: September 07, 2019, 04:22:48 AM
So I have been curious about this for awhile (after the release of Valeria). Now that Shamash has been released into the present world and is evil plus has an army...I can only imagine MSE will make a new local enemy type. Which makes me question...What will make them different from the other factions? Wardogs rush in groups, Hades are tactical and use cover more, and fifth council are tanks. Fifth council also have fancier toys like the mine layers and drones. So what does the local class have? Well if we look at the local raiders they are stress free but with lowered health...So will the enemy type be like that? If so I have some concerns...

1) Melee elites... If the are stress free that could be terrifying.

2) Will the Local enemy type get fancy toys like the fifth council? If so PLEASE don't add any flying enemies...

3) How low will their health be? I am looking at this in the sense of an antagonist. The antagonist already don't have a lot of add help in high MMR so having a enemy type that is naturally low on health may not be amazing on their end.

4) This is more so of a concept then a concern. I think it would be cool if Uras came back. In the "Enemy Within" boss fight in the cut scene he gets if Shamash is a boss fight why not give him two stages? One stage is just normal Shamash then the next Uras possess Shamash's dead (or weakened) body and turns him into a beast.