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various ideas
on: June 06, 2019, 12:21:54 AM
hi =)

i think it could be fun to :
- skip the battle result/reward attribution.
- can acces the last battle info/result somewhere before launching a new one.
- forge lvl 0 weapon for low money, just to try them (but with blueprint still needed).
- change at least the weapon, on the mission character selection screen (without paying).
- have a friend list.
- not have team leader -> team members can't give adice and just speak as "me i'm going to do that". not so important but sometime it's a problem.
- have the possibility to evaluate all team members.
- try more than one character at a time, or less than one week.
- play only with  only 1 or 2 people more and choosing to open it or not to antagonist.