Author Topic: opinion on team up or die and MvP  (Read 198 times)


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opinion on team up or die and MvP
on: June 01, 2019, 10:35:10 AM

I've played over a dozen matches with the team up or die patch.

I'm a bit indifferent on the 2.5 seconds wounded time, it feels faster but less threatening. It's probably good for beginners. It's really good that we can move and aim normally while wounded, however I sometimes don't notice that I am wounded. Maybe make the screen a tint more red.

The team leader feature, I hate it. It's noisy, it doesn't help if we know what we are doing, if we don't, we probably can't read it anyway because there is so much going on. The commands are not adapted to every situation/team. If I see the antag, I'm gonna attack, if I see an objective, I'm gonna do it, if I see grunts, I'm gonna kill them. Split labour is a problem with biggers maps, one person can't kill only engineers.
Of course I'm gonna give the leader a thumbs up, it's not costing me anything and he gets some pink-currency.

Talking of the pink-currency, please give us more things to spend it on. I have 9999+ (I hope they are not lost) and I wouldn't know what to do with it.

Now for the suggestions:
Raider select, loading screens, as well as intro videos (especially when you skipped and they still go on for 1-2 minutes) would be a great time for team-discussion. Please give us options (either full text or premade phrases like now) during that time.
I want to say to beginners "we need a ranged raider, please pick Harec or Shae", or "we need a tank, please consider 5th council" or "we lack boss damage, please pick accordingly". Also during cutscenes we could say things like "I take the turret tower on the left", "I put aleph in the reactor on top".
And I miss the "come here command", but I understand that you had to cut something.

Now for the teamleader-vote: please change it so that everyone can give a vote to one raider of their choosing that did good. And keep the part, where you can only pick them once per day (or whatever the limit is). It would be way more rewarding and the mission points don't reflect well boss-damage and similar stuff.

On picking the team leader, just a fun suggestion: how about him wearing a crown, and when he dies, he drops it and someone else can pick it up? and if the antag picks it up he can mock the team with commands (not spam).

Also idea for pink currency: aesthetic features like sunglasses, backpacks etc. (maybe only to rent) if that isn't too much work. Or let us bid on who becomes team leader, blind bid and whoever bid the most gets it.

I hope my feedback helps, and for whoever responds, please keep the feedback CONSTRUCTIVE or make your own rant thread.


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Re: opinion on team up or die and MvP
Reply #1 on: June 01, 2019, 11:45:01 AM
I actually enjoyed the new comm system, I deal with new players often so when being used correctly actually helps allot. My main gripe was with who gets to be the leader, not everyone who gets the crown has any idea how to use it. they wont even through up a thumbs up mid mission.