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on: May 05, 2019, 06:38:11 AM
 -Wait every 3-5 forge levels to forge an upgrade or new gun
 -Invest points into bounty hunter, even if you dont max it you'll lessen the grind, im making 4-5k gold on my own 29% bounty hunter bonuses
-Play with friends, that will help with teamwork and if they run bounty hunter too the less the grind
-If you are having trouble sticking with this game then it is simply not your cup of tea
-Research on the forums for advice, ask a vet, im sure they would be more then glad to help out. I played my first 20-40 hours trying to figure out this games complexities, trust me its just better to ask around or search the forums for answers.
-You CAN get the 180K gold for a character in 1 day i have done it before(With great determination and Patience i frankly dont have for this game anymore)

This is most if not all the advice i have gotten or gained through experience playing over a few Months if any vets would like to add to this i thank you and hope i can learn from them too.