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mission's advice - in medias res
on: July 27, 2019, 09:05:02 PM
recommended raiders :
- ginebra, she's the quickest and so the more suitable to activate all levers.
- rak, because he can hold something as walking more quickly but lycus cand be usefull since he can protect himself as holding something.
so you can take both, as rak makes lycus walk quicker as he protects himself... ^^
- doldren can be usefull too, he can sneak behind turret and eventually counter antag.

at the beggining, don't destroy the opposing turrets.
(they will turn usefull at the end to destroy the drones and grunts.)

BUT destroy the turret on your side before leaving. because they will turned against you when you'll come back with schneider at the end of the mission. (and an antag could love using them.)

in the next corridor, destroy the turret, they will be pain in the ass all game.

on the last platform, avoid destroying the turrets near schneider, use them to destroy the beholder instead. it's really a pain in the ass to move and eventually fight an antag with it yet, most of people doen't destroy it.
but destroy the ones shooting toward the hack system since you'll probably hang around the thing to protect it.

now you just have to defend the hacking system from engineers, fill it with aleph and send ginebra to activate the levers when needed.
as killing engineers, activating these levers is really important. don't ignore them or wait to go for them, you never know what s**t can happens and if you can't activate them in time, the hacking system will lose all his aleph.
if there is no ginebra or if you want to be sure to activate them in time, you can left a player alone on the first platform.
but if so, be sure he can defend against an antag.

et voilà ^^
usually it's not a hard mission.
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