Author Topic: Quitting, I think, is an integral part of the learning process for other players  (Read 3753 times)


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As the title suggests, it is, very much so and I'll explain.
There are four kinds of quitters. Those who rage quit. Those who quit because mission objectives aren't being carried out. Those who quit in the game lobby because they're in a team with a player they don't like. And those who are simply trolls who just quit for the sake of quitting.

I disagree on those who rage quit and the trolls, but understand why people quit for the other reasons explained. People who quit will very probably lead to a mission failure and this is a baptism of fire. You will be rewarded when you play well and you won't if you don't.

Leaders will give advice to new players (and old) on mission objectives. FOLLOW THEM! That's what your leader is there for. More so, if you see objects with a hand icon then they need to be interacted with. This is obviously something THAT NEEDS to be done in order for the mission to progress. Added to this, solo missions will enable you to understand what to do.

So, by quitting, for the 'good' reasons, you are effectively telling the team to shape up or ship out. There's no excuse for mission objectives to not be carried out. More so, if a higher level player asks for the team to surrender you should follow suit because there's a very high chance that you will not finish the mission and therefore waste time. For example, if you are playing the 'Hanging By A Thread' mission, are on the second stage and Cortez has gone back FOR THE SECOND TIME to get aleph, there's a 100% probability that you are going to die and not finish the mission, either in that stage, while the timer's running down or certainly when sudden death kicks in. 

Sure, there will be many people who will disagree with this post and I accept that, but let's not forget that games are there for the enjoyment of players. They're not there to make people angry and frustrated. They are a there to help release the tension of our daily lives, an escape. People should NOT feel obliged to continue playing if they're not enjoying themselves and game companies need to understand this. Therefore, if you're in a team who are not playing as a team, then, in my opinion, there's absolutely nothing wrong with quitting whatsoever, considering Spacelords is a team game.
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yeah of course, of course...
man stop justifying your selfishness.
what will you try next time ? "when i suiciude in game because i don't want to be banned 5mn, it is to save the polar bears" ?

nonetheless,  i think despising selfish suicidal quitters is a learning process permiting them of becoming reliable and usefull teamates.