Author Topic: Why Spacelords Is likely not going to last.  (Read 612 times)


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Why Spacelords Is likely not going to last.
on: April 09, 2019, 03:44:53 AM
When I first started playing Spacelords it was still called Raiders of the Broken Planet, my first sessions were awful. Eventually I learned how to play and I got through it.... The topic above is based off of research done on the forum and what other people have said, and I myself have experienced.

Now without further ado here's the facts...

The games community has barely grown since becoming Spacelord's in fact after months of reading and testing it's clearly lost more players then it's gained. It's a sad truth but it's not an unexpected issue to begin with,
there's simply not enough content for growth to happen and we also have major issues that will likely never get resolved. Sounds Pessimistic right?
Wrong I'm being realistic here, It's been shown time and time again that Mercury Steam is way to prideful and unwilling to do anything that would change the game in any really tangible way. Couldn't we just go to the Forums and bring up the issues here? I ask you this, how many times has doing that really done anything, but blow off some steam and get the wrath of the Veteran Inquisitors who try to silence you with things like they're experience makes your argument invalid or how they defend bad game mechanics to the death?! Games like this need next to constant work as well as strong player growth. Well it has gotten small patches, Band aids and new Characters/Weapons/Skins it's simply not enough to keep this game alive. Your Naive if you think otherwise. I've seen this game compared to Warframe many times and still it's a bad comparison. Warframe has devs that do what MS will not, DE tends to listen more and be willing to listen to criticisms and not cop out and call it "HATE".
There not perfect but at least they make a good effort to make there game fun and enjoyable to as many as possible. That is why I feel a better game to compare Spacelords to is Let It Die, the devs barely listen and what they do add is next to nothing.

The game simply is not fun for most people.

For the game to survive and change in any meaningful ways we need to get MS to listen through voice or by action. Nothing will happen if we sit by and don't at least try to act. Though I very much doubt anyone will actually try to do either, we'd need at least most of the "partner" players to stand with us. I don't see that happening, they're more likely to condemn our actions than actually support us, Heck they may just ignore us. Things like the Antagonist system actively hurting the game, the poor excuse for rewards making the grind down right designed to get new players to spend money, The insane Difficulty created by MMR they call a bug but lets be real it's not it's just a series of bad game mechanics left in by lazy developers who keep putting the minority over the majority.
We may have Crossplay but we have Region locks so it's kind of pointless when most of the communities left to rot and loose interest because they can't even play with friends at all. You have Antags Who only Antag to bully and make it pointless to try because even if you win you still get 50 cents and some old chewing gum as a reward for all your suffering.
The Inquisitors are gonna chew me out for this but who cares?
These "Vets" have hurt the Game and chased off more players then they've helped, all they do is look on here and hunt for Heresy to yell at until it goes away or there Heretic gets bored or looses there nerve. I personally don't care they're not gonna say anything that can't be found on other post that they've preached on at other posts, at this point your just screaming into the void.


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Re: Why Spacelords Is likely not going to last.
Reply #1 on: April 09, 2019, 07:06:47 AM
         You say the community is shrinking but where are you getting this information from? Are you evaluating how often people post here or do you somehow know the number of active players by comparing the waiting time to start a match? As for growth, its happening whether your aware of it or not. People actually purchase skins and play the game, the Devs are actually listening and taking notes as they steadily work towards new content as show on the Spacelords Road-Map.

That major issue you mentioned that “will never get resolved” are currently being resolved and is scheduled to be released. You would have been aware of that if you actually read what others (including Devs) had to say on similar topics.

Couldn't we just go to the Forums and bring up the issues here? I ask you this, how many times has doing that really done anything, but blow off some steam

Believe it or not they’re actually listening to it. This isn’t Blizzard or 2K Games, your not going to get rapid response and solutions to every gripe that pours into the forums.
I mean no one is really defending bad game mechanics like the MMR for example, we all know its a problem but complaining about it wont speed things up or rally others to your cause.

You say the games dying, but in my (opinion) its cruising steadily. Will the new skins, guns and patches save it,…obviously not, its there commitment that will. The skins and Mercury coins are just a means of providing support but they will none the less grow (albeit slower without them.)

I mean I agree with you, you cant really compare Digital Extremes to Mercury Steam. D.E. was founded in 1993 where as opposed to MS was in 2002. That’s a 7 year head start to grow there company , aqcuire a talented and trustworthy team which seem like family to them and gain valuable experience as a whole. And that’s just D.E, Warframe started way back in 2013, compared to R.O.T.B.P/Spacelords which started in 2017. They have a dedicated team but even if MS seems to be lacking in that area they’re kicking ass anyway.

You have to give credit where credit is due, the quality of this game surpasses just about every other Free-to-Play game excluding Fortnite and Warframe which are Titans in there own right, comparing them is a compliment. When a huge new patch, gun, level re-design or character comes out, how often do players fall through the maps because poor level design, see there characters stuck in T-poses or notice a half assed characters design. Rarely if actually never because they doing there job well.

I think some of us take this game and its accomplishments for granted and focus on the few (albeit, glaring) problems in the game. Oh theirs not enough to do, oh the MMR is hurting my experience so I’m going to leave you to fail on your own. Get over yourself.

The game is going to Survive, period. Its just about a matter of speed. MS needs to create a dedicated Dev-Stream at least once a month.
 If you want the game to succeed and aren’t financially stable (or don’t feel a need to support in that way), continue giving your feedback and play the game. Or take a break for a few months if you feel like it, nobody is forcing your hand.

As for us “Vets” hurting the game (which from the sounds of it, you are too), do you think your strong handed approach as you pout at MS to get there shit straight is doing any better? Its like your low-key wanting someone to agree with you or prove you wrong. The things your accusing others of is what your literally doing now, your screaming into “the void”.

I mean i'm hear so I guess someone gives a shit.
Man that took to long to say.


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Re: Why Spacelords Is likely not going to last.
Reply #2 on: April 09, 2019, 04:16:05 PM
You can go on steam and find out where the amount of players rise and fall.
On Console mainly PS4 me and two others test it by reviewing wait times by time of day and by month and comparing them each time.
I never said it was dead, I said it's not going to last as it is.
That's not to say it can't improve. The most growth I've seen is new players who play once and never again. If it were Steadily and Slowly growing It shouldn't be possible to run into 3 hour long wait times at 8:00pm on the east coast. I wish it was growing the main issue is that from what I've seen it's more stagnant then anything else.

I will admit credit where credit is due the game usually runs smoothly and I've never run into to falling through maps or T Posed characters and the like. MS is trying that is true, they do have heart that is true. My issue is I have seen games just as good with Devs just like MS stay that course and still fail. I don't want that I'd rather see them succeed. Well they do listen and look at some things that only works if the glaring issues are also gradually fixed as well. They really haven't to too much of an extant that I have seen (feel free to show me some examples if possible, I'm not on here 24/7 so I can't see every new post that comes up.)

Well I like what the Road-map has on it we need to have some salt with us, there is a thing about having Eyes bigger then your Stomach.

Also really a guilt trip who are you Draco?
I've been told a few times that apparently if you didn't start before HD launched your not a real veteran and don't know what we're talking about.
I think it's a stupid statement but it's mindset that I guess exists or something. You can't just have people with LIKE opinion for games like this to work out. We need opinions on both sides not just those who are Optimistic, we also need Pessimist's to sit down and find out what are issues and try to figure out what could resolve the situation. Relisticly I likely haven't hurt the game, I usually choose not to post that much because supporters usually get upset when they see an opinion they don't like. Like a lot of other people I'd rather not get involved in the first place, I fear the confrontation getting involved brings, but I can't sit idly by and watch the game slowly rot from glaring issues being ignored. That's what kill's games I'm trying my best to do what I can. If I get yelled at fine, if people disagree that's fine everyone has a right to an opinion.

The main reason I don't think anyone would join my cause is because the vast majority of players would rather not take any real action if the person behind it does not have the proper street cred in the first place.

Complaining is our one great power in causing meaningful change, if you complain long enough you'd think the Devs would get tired of it and fix it.

"do you think your strong handed approach as you pout at MS to get there shit straight is doing any better? Its like your low-key wanting someone to agree with you or prove you wrong. The things your accusing others of is what your literally doing now, your screaming into “the void”."

1.No not really others have done it with no change. 2.I couldn't care less if someone agrees or not people can do as they please. 3. Is it any less true?

Feel free to reply!


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Re: Why Spacelords Is likely not going to last.
Reply #3 on: April 11, 2019, 10:46:33 AM
Hey there! :)

I just wanted to say that we do listen to and read everything posted in the oficial forums and even in some non-oficial communication channels by you, guys. Me posting here is a proof! ;)

Also, please let me state putting changes into the game is not a matter of pride at all, it's something more related to a really complex task schedule. That's one of the reasons the initial roadmap got changed recently: our will to deliver both new content and improvements in a shorter basis.

Concerning some of the complaints I read on this thread, instead of addressing everything point by point, I'd rather wait and see your reaction and thoughts after the Identity updates gets released in early May, since there are many little changes coming with it. :)
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Re: Why Spacelords Is likely not going to last.
Reply #4 on: April 14, 2019, 06:39:51 AM
Thanks MSE, cant wait. prove this noob wrong. Lol


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Re: Why Spacelords Is likely not going to last.
Reply #5 on: May 01, 2019, 10:41:42 AM
Los cambios ya van a llegar,el juego es excelente obvió que debe mejorar,pero estan trabajando en eso yo lo juego hace mas fe un año y me encanta.cada día veo más nuevos jugadores.,tengo 36 años juego desde el atari y hoy ps4 y llevaba años sin ver un juego que me atrape tanto.fuerza mercury steam.gracias!!