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Some Thoughts...
on: February 08, 2019, 07:22:51 AM
After playing to Lvl 62 to see how my thoughts on the game as well as what my friends thought after playing for several months here's what could most definitely help but ultimately will probably not happen.

First off we need to stop comparing Spacelords to Warframe, Just because they're F2P does not mean they're alike. Warframe has so much more to do that saying that Spacelords could have at least at this point, have as much content. I know a few of you will get upset about this point but it's true and should be acknowledged before we can begin to improve the game.

first off all the missions save for maybe 2 or 3 are built 100% the same way, put Aleph, here defend this, or some other slight variation. It's not bad design mind you it's simple, but simple can only get you so far that is a fact. Games that do the same thing over and over don't last very long.
My personal favorite missions are short Fused, and Fistful of sand, for me they are the most differant for me to be able to enjoy them. It's true Mercury Steam is a small studio, But small studios are capable of doing big work as much as we'd love to always cut them some slack. We need to stop the term "If you give them an inch they'll take a mile!" apply's here communities have a bad habbit of doing that and then when the servers shutdown they're like what happened!? The F2P game business is competitive being to submissive is a terrible idea. They can hire more staff even just interns, They can add more things to buy, They can find a GOOD Publisher, they do exist! Mercury Steam is not helpless just because they're small does not mean it can stay small sooner or later they are gonna need to do something.

These small tweeks will help out big time, they wouldn't be able to fix everything but they will at least help keeping players playing.
1. Add Bounty Jobs for each faction stuff that rewards players for doing things like CQC, killing, playing antag or just doing emotes. Things like that add much more playability then simply adding a character or just a weapon.
2. Add a merchant who comes every two weeks and sells bp's or even skins for gold or some kind of currency that can only be earned through playing. The whole idea is to reward players for playing, it can make new players get better loot alot faster and better and it can help Vets get things they need or just take the weight of there shoulders by just a little bit.
3. Add more skins and add a topic on here where we can have the community help make skins too, it makes things look fresher as well as helps the community feel more involved, we already know there's some talented artists in the community why not let them have chance to show there stuff?

4. Make having an antag in your match increase rewards, as well as let us either opt out and not have to deal with them at all not everyone finds it fun half the time it actively kills the fun. But make it a risk/reward setup and it will be a step in the right direction.

5. Make elites hostile to antags and only the elites, I can see normal cannon fodder not attacking them but the elites would make more cents if they did plus it gives antags another source of ammo and aleph.

6. Make it so antags can spend gold for extra helplike the things from beast within, they could be a big help.

7. Add a topic for the community to help design or even outright submit ideas for new characters!

8. Add login rewards anything will do just make it feel more worth getting online to play!

9. Add an option to kick players from your squad, I've had players get the whole squad killed because they lead a whole hoard back to everyone, and then we all die? NO we don't want to carry people making it selfish or truly bad players have that to worry about could make a huge difference.

10. My final thought is we need a topic area to let people vent out there frustrations, adding an area like that will help people get there frustrations out without the ELITISTS in the community being able to scare them off, that happens alot on here and all they do is hurt the game and the community we need to do better.

That's it let me know what you think, I think these will work but ultimately i'll probably be ignored in truth I DON'T GIVE TWO FLAMING SHITS!
If no one cares oh well I tried...