Author Topic: Is anyone else having a problem with the progression issue????  (Read 1347 times)


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Is there anyone else having an issue with the progression update?  Did your characters and weapons, etc get changed back to your original lvls?  Or is there anyone else out there that still who  has not had their profile changed back to the lvl in which they had earned playing before this "crash dump"??  I was a lvl 160.  Unfortunately I had to start back at lvl 1.  I have emailed support tech and haven't heard back from them at all since yesterday.  Supposedly, yesterday afternoon it was all taken care of????   If anyone can please help me out with this, I would be very greatful.  To my friends on Xbox and from Raiders, thank you for your support on this.   

The only message I got from tech support btw, was dated for Janaury 2018 from  Mercury Steam Sr. Member, CMC. MSE_TENKA.  with the  contact email.

So if you didn't get an email to let them know what's going on, here it is. 

I do hope at this point someone actually from Mercury contacts me, and anyone else that is still having problems, to let me/us know what's going on. 



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Hey Jeff, I'm not MSE staff, but please keep in mind it is currently the weekend so you are likely not to get a response until they are back in office. Every time I have emailed support, they are quick to reply during their business hours (but I'm in US and they are Spain, so a bit difference in the time zones that makes it feel like a long time).

That is weird that you have not been restored when everyone else has, hope you get fixed up on Monday :( In the meantime it might be best to play something else just to avoid any possible loss of data when they put you back to where you were, I saw a few people say they got some new blueprints during the time they were lvl 1 and then lost those when their data was put back. Haven't seen if/how that is to be resolved, yet, especially since PS4 didn't experience this problem.