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List of Suggestions
on: January 11, 2019, 05:46:52 PM
I'm probably going to make a lot of suggestions that people have already said, but in all honesty, I'm too lazy to sift through all of that so I apologize in advance <3

    • Advertisement. In all honesty I never heard about this game until it became free to play. Even then I completely forgot about it due to the lack of game news covering it. I only recently tried out the game because I happened to remember about it while scouring for games. (This might also fix the issues with matchmaking)

    • I think characters should not be locked by levels. It's not difficult to unlock them (personally) by reaching the level, but telling a player to reach this level to unlock a specific character is a bit discouraging since (at least what I assume is the concept) characters should be balanced, but have different playstyles; getting a higher level to unlock the character doesn't mean that the character is anymore OP than someone like Lycus. However, I think it would be interesting to have players unlock characters by completing their respective missions. I.e. unlocking Schneider when you defeat him.
    • When players unlock a new character, give them the option to play a tutorial mode that teaches them how to use the character (I'm looking at you Harec).
    • I'm all up for players having to pay Mercury points for premium costumes, but show some love for the freemium players. Maybe release specific costume options for freemium players that require either/both gold or/and faction points to get.

    • The card system is essentially a lootbox system, which a lot of people aren't a fan of. Also the fact that you can only keep 8 cards total limits playstyle and diversity. Why not make the card system more of a collector/gacha style. Sure it's still lootbox-ish, but why not give the player an option to be refunded either 400 gold or 400 faction points for each duplicate they get. That way they won't be as upset by it.

    • Make campaigns for why certain enemies defect to the raiders. For example, why would Aneska become a Raider? Maybe because the leader of the faction deems her useless, and wants her dead, so she flees to the Raiders, wanting revenge.
    • After playing the same stages over and over again, it gets tiring to play the game (at least for me). Maybe make different maps for the same type of stage. Look at Warframe for example, same exact mission, but gameplay feels different and fresh because the tile set keeps changing.
    • Why are stages locked by levels? I don't think it's fair for a player to have to be level 90 to unlock a stage when a level 10 can unlock it just the same if they decide to choose that campaign first. Maybe require faction points to unlock the stage instead

    • A chat system during gameplay. If not that then a more complex signaling/command system besides the 4 that we have. i.e. "Retreat" "Wait here" "Group Up" "Enemy here"
    • Antagonists can sacrifice a non-elite mob for extra bullets.

    • Why does lore require faction points? Other than getting more info about the world, you don't get much out of it. Why not reward players for completing a lore, for example a title to equip to their name that shows up in game. Maybe it gives bonus stats! Idk, think about it.
    • I don't understand the importance of Ranks as rewards? Do they do something? Doesn't look like it, at least for me. Maybe increase the number of special rewards you can see on the map the higher your rank?
    • I just don't enjoy the rotation based rewards. The possible rewards to gain are very few, especially for players like me who play for hours. With the 24/12hr rewards as they are now, I can probably get them all in 1 hour of gameplay. you could probably do a system where if you complete all the rewards available, they reset. Or some additional reward challenges such as, "Kill this many elites" "Win without losing more than a whole set of lives."
    • Sprays like those in Paladins/Warframe
    • Marking points like that in Warframe
    • New Stage idea: Don't get spotted by an enemy
    • New Stage idea: Outrun the flood of enemies
    • New Stage idea: Fight an army of our clones
    • New Mode idea: Beat every major boss in a row (with increasing difficulty)
    • New Mode idea: 2v2v2v2 (or 3v3) Last team standing in a hoard of enemies
    • Please don't make a guild war thing. It FORCES guilds to be active/participate in stuff (or makes it very alluring)
    • Increasing Guild Rank increases number of members allowed (adjustable)
    • Use faction points to purchase different backgrounds on home screen
    • Daily Login (reluctant about this idea cause I usually don't like it, but think about it)
    • Cosmetic rewards for specific levels


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    Re: List of Suggestions
    Reply #1 on: January 17, 2019, 08:40:49 PM
    Locking the last campaign behind an 8+ score is ridiculous. Im lvl 84 and although im in a guild, ive never played with another member. The 8+ score is too high to achieve with random players.  Ive been grinding for weeks and its getting less and less rewarding. Id like to play the last campaign, but at this rate ill get disgusted and quit before i can. Would a 7 or 7.5 be too much to ask? PLEASE!


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    Re: List of Suggestions
    Reply #2 on: January 18, 2019, 10:21:33 PM
    Advertising indeed. If I were in charge of selling this game I'd push it's strengths as a tactical social experience. I invision a framing device like a heist movie on an A-team episode. Having each member given a role and a play to run like a football huddle. That would make it stand out as more than just anotger stylish shooter, and set the new comers expectations for how important thoughtful play is over simple brute Force.