Author Topic: Feedback from a 1 month player  (Read 552 times)


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Feedback from a 1 month player
on: January 10, 2019, 04:18:44 PM
MMR needs a rework. I just played as a lvl72 (MMR 32%) Antagonist against a team of completely new players (the highest being lvl 9, the second highest being lvl 2, and the other two being lvl 1). Needless to say the match was over in 5 min. How can anyone expect these types of player to "Get Good," if they get curb stomped by high level Antags with what I assume is a lvl 9 mentor?

On another note, I do think the idea of a mentor system is great, but carrying an entire team of new players is not fun gameplay. The other day, I lost ~10% MMR (was originally MMR 42%) because I was constantly teamed up with 3 other players who had little understanding of the mechanics of the game. In EVERY match (literally), I'd have at least 2 members disconnect from what I assume is pure frustration because they were constantly dying every 30 seconds. I think the best way to correct this would be to have at least 2 high level players in a mentor match, because without any decent way to communicate to these new players, they will just keep dying due to poor understanding of the gameplay mechanics/objectives/tactics, and the gameplay will just be unnaturally difficult.

Additional notes; for every new player in a match, an additional 20% exp should be given to the mentor, otherwise it's not rewarding to play a 30 to 40 min match with a team of new players to only get 20% extra exp.

Extra notes; I think new players should be considered NEW players for mentor matches until they reach level 15. No offense to any of these players, but a lot of them don't seem to understand any of the game mechanics until around lvl 20. I've seen many players at level 15 die from very basic things, such as charging straight into a mob without any backup, or staying outside of sight from the beholder (not dying once but repeatedly dying from the same thing every 30 seconds). These players haven't gotten accustomed to the playstyle necessary to become a mentor themselves.


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Re: Feedback from a 1 month player
Reply #1 on: January 10, 2019, 04:49:04 PM
Level500+ Player here, I agree with every point you've made. What is considered a Mentor match especially needs to be redefined. It should ATLEAST be lv.20 if not even higher AND increase based on how many low levels you carry through. No disrespect to you either as you seem to be a knowledgeable player but in general when higher level players see even level 50's or 60's we feel like there is a great chance they could drag the team down. Mercurysteam is constantly evolving spawnrates and adjusting difficulty that most of us arent even breathing that true sigh of relief until max forge level. (That used to be lv150, now apparently its 200 or something.)
  Recently when I team with one or two other players (usually members of my guild) We are still paired with very low level players >20. We are talking a difference in mmr of 30+ points, atleast! All they can do under those circumstances is eat up the lives because the difficulty is punishing, often they quit, even if collectively we are winning the level despite their struggles. When lv375 antags show up and we have 2 level 10's, how is that fair? Particularly to the lv10's? I dont have all the answers for how to fix everything but I like your ideas and encourage you to keep bringing things up to help Mercurysteam improve the game.


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Re: Feedback from a 1 month player
Reply #2 on: January 10, 2019, 05:20:17 PM
Unfortunately until they fix matchmaking these problems will continue. We have no idea how it actually works and how it matches people together but it's just awful. It takes so long to find a match and when you do the levels are all over the place that's why i rarely do quickplay with randoms. It's better to just find people you get along with and just squad up.