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My two cents
on: October 17, 2016, 12:12:51 AM
I will summarize my experience to date on all the betas so far focusing mainly on the learning curve and difficulty because it seemed to me for your comments that (apart from the bugs) is what you were most interested to balance.

Common to all missions:
It seemed to me that many players have not read about the abilities of the characters as well as the combat system. Thus not having done a tutorial or mission in which learning management skill and the advantages conferred made the first missions with them to become downright difficult, if not impossible. Affecting the game experience of other players. I do not know if the game will have introductory tutorial mode or mission for each character, but I thought (it's a personal opinion) that is what most were missing new players, even more than the difficulty to understand the objectives of the mission.

In all missions, when the team was not coordinated or was quite inexperienced, became unbeatable because no hero was able to finish it alone or help others in an efficient way, quite frustrating to the expert and the inexperienced, I think. On the other hand, when the team was already more expert and coordinated the difficulty was joyful. At this point I join the request of Igresix about a communication system. I do not know if it was already planned and not implemented, but it seems necessary to me.

The size of the playing area has seemed appropriate in all missions, because with few time of play and everyone, or nearly so, there are always exceptions, is located correctly at all times and action runs without agglomerations.

Having played several times this mission I would summarize its difficulty curve as low-medium to medium-high to end with a low difficulty. I do not know if that's the experience that wished to convey, but I was surprised because I expected the typical curve in crescendo.
The first phase is not particularly complicated, while in the second phase, put up with the Wardogs continuously launching missiles makes it really hard this part.
On the other hand the third phase is much easier than the previous two, and coming from such a complicated as the previous stage still makes it look easier than it really should be. I do not recall failing this mission once reached this stage.
At team level it does not require a high degree of coordination, and objectives are quite clear, which in the case of one of the first missions makes sense.

This also I have played many times as a Raider and as Antagonist. In this the objectives were not always clear for many players. Similarly, many seemed not to realize that being electrocuted while still had static should not approach their peers, thus not being able to talk to them made even more difficult the mission. The level of difficulty of the mission varies depending on the location of the anchors of the tentacles, there were times that were easily accessible, and others that it was really difficult to reach them. The level of difficulty of the mission I found quite the same in all phases, the first perhaps a little more accessible than the following. In this mission it is starting to be necessary for the team to be coordinated, and much more if the antagonist is an expert.

High difficulty for inexperienced players. I've only played three games in this one.
In the first game I think we were an experienced team and we were unable to complete even half of the mission. Normal, unaware of the objectives in advance we paid our mistakes. In the second game the team looked much less experienced and have not advanced virtually nothing, total failure and in a very short time. In the third, this time teaming with Igresix (HAREC + Konstatin also using TeamSpeak) and already knowing the dynamics of the mission and we managed to defeat NPC. Despite the difficulty when the team is not coordinated it seemed to me very high for newbies. If the team is experienced and coordinated more or less it is fine. For a veteran and well-coordinated team it is not a piece of cake, but not much more difficult.

A Fistful of SAND
This I've only played twice, getting the only first-play first-win in all missions.
Personally I found the final part during the invocation is clearly unbalanced in favor of the Raiders, it has not been anything difficult to cover being NPC spawn point either by the coverage available to the Raiders, either because the team we have formed has acted very coordinated. Experience has seemed relatively to Hanging on by thread, ie, the feeling was that the difficulty was decreasing as we went on the mission.

Technically the game has behaved very well on a modest PC leaving all specifications to default settings. At network level we played 2 in the same ADSL 20Mb and we have not had Lag or any disconnection.

Last but not least, join in the congratulations to the entire team for the work done so far and thanks for the opportunity to participate in the Beta.

Best wishes to the development team !!!

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Re: My two cents
Reply #1 on: October 17, 2016, 11:46:24 AM
Thanks for your feedback. Really useful stuff for the team!