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Re: Hades Betrayal Announcement
Reply #15 on: March 17, 2018, 05:55:11 AM
they already said in discord that already obtained weapons will not be lost. Unsure how locked cards will be effected at this time, but yeah posting that you're "OK" with losing things that some people have spent many hours grinding to shuffle and lock what they want isn't cool! Anyways they will explain everything, just wait :)

Well, i spend many hours and days grinding to obtain all the weapon blueprints for Iune and Shae, also many hours rolling cards, passing on rare cards to obtain and lock the cards i want, so i am one of the people you are talking and i understand very well wath is waiting all day on one mission to gather the people to start and have hope the blueprint to appear an hope more to win the roll.

So many times i lost the blueprint......

But.... if the update require the cards and blueprints to be resetted, well wath is left? Tell them to not apply the update?

I know i will be angry if i lost my cards and blueprints, i spend too many hours to abtain it, but in case i lost everything i will not have any choice than start the grinding again... I dont gonna leave the game... i will just start all over... and that is wath i try to say...

Not "OK" with losing all my progression, all my blueprints, all my cards... but, i am not leaving the game, even if i have to start all over again...

Oh and, i don't have any weapon built, i was waiting for the update to use the blueprints, that is why i'm asking for the future of the blueprints :)

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