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Gameplay Feedback / Re: SööMA's Redeemer
« Last post by SegaSlash on July 05, 2020, 06:56:55 AM »
I do agree with what Neo said, it will encourage people to use Reedemer more. Its my favorite Sooma's weapon but when I put the orbs on in strategic places, I have to go kill everybody with cqc but sometimes is not convenient cause if you aim and try to kill an enemy, they move and the orbs got missed place and I gotta start again to put the orbs on.
2 fire modes will be incredibly useful in Reedemer like other weapons from other Raiders.
I leave the link here:

This video is to analyze Hans's USU-21 Infinite bullets without reloading, its something I never seen before and has to be fixed in case is a bug or an expolit.

The video is in Spanish but you can turn (CC) Closed Captions on English or any other languages. (CC might not translated everything perfect)
Español (foro general) / Usu-21 de Hans Balas Infinitas Sin Recargar el Arma?
« Last post by SegaSlash on July 05, 2020, 06:35:58 AM »
Aqui les dejo el link del analisis de un jugador que uso el arma USU-21 de Hans sin recargar su arma, sera un bug, expolit o hacks?  juzguen ustedes mismos.
Bug report & Technical Support / Re: Party issues Xbox One
« Last post by MSE_Laura on July 03, 2020, 02:30:04 PM »
Are you guys from different geographic zones (EU, USA,  AU, CN)?
Gameplay Feedback / Re: Light frame rarity bug possibly?
« Last post by MSE_Laura on July 03, 2020, 02:27:54 PM »
Hello there, Fiend Herd
I'm afraid I don't understand the issue :-(
Here you have a guide  our peer Tech Designer, Hernan Ojuel did regarding the weapon parts:
Hope it helps!
Gameplay Feedback / Re: SööMA's Redeemer
« Last post by MSE_Laura on July 03, 2020, 01:25:22 PM »
Hello there, Neo
Interesting post! :-)  One thing that for me separates the Redeemer form the Easter Egg would be the long term damage.
The Easter Egg makes a great single explosion, meanwhile, the Redeemer is more a long term weakening weapon. And from my perspective, that might encourage a different type of gameplay. 
The idea of separating regular bullets and Spheres is nevertheless interesting tho
Gameplay Feedback / HIVE MAJOR CONCERNS
« Last post by NinMug on July 03, 2020, 12:58:38 PM »
HIVE feedback made with help of diiodide/deadlyweiss/MacDB/beast maggot/Beyx1/ycd/kkj/Nin’Mug and other members of the community.


    • Hive’s biggest problem is her lack of options. She is powerful in CQC but sacrifices everything else. Weak range damage, almost all other characters and grunts can gun her down with ease. She is extremely weak on bosses. Her excess health is not enough to tank or survive in PvP and high MMR missions. Being visible through walls gives enemies a huge advantage, regeneration is weak. She has fundamental flaws that can’t be fixed by neither skill nor cards.

    • Even if she is considered a monster in CQC, leech and excess health can be countered with cards builds rely on a passive gain of bonuses, such as Patient, Mystical Concentration, etc. While other characters have good options, like Locals and their cards, Hive doesn’t have the same luxury.

    • She needs to have more options available, weapons like Raceme or Wasp for example give her different approach but aren’t powerful enough or just too high risk-low reward on high difficulty. 500 excess health as default could make her better tank with survivability and better on higher difficulty. Cards that increase her range damage and decrease her swarm damage could be a good option.

    • Plague was the main reason why players did not like HIVE. It allowed her to do what her kit needed without any real effort. The update to Plague adjusted how Plague was meant to be played, it was meant to shoot through walls and apply the infection to open up opportunities for HIVE to get close to players through corridors and behind a wall. The alternative of emptying the clip made it easier to play HIVE because it would deal damage instantly while also dealing swarm damage.

    • If there is a next update to modify HIVE, a good route of action would be to keep Plague as it is now, but return the original swarm range to her other guns. Since Plague can shoot through walls and empty the clip which can also infect enemies, it would make sense for the range to be as small as it is. But for guns like Shy, Infected, and Wasp stopped being effective, which is why most HIVE players ran to Plague, making it so popular.

•  Hive’s life essence is not taken over when map stage changes , making her a sitting duck in many situations. Allowing her to take it over would be good "quality of life" change for making her better.
Ping affects all her projectile based weapons and CQC effectiveness. Since she is pure CQC oriented character , bad ping hurt her more than other characters because her weapons are not effective at range.
Increasing speed of projectiles also can be good "quality of life" change.
Suggestions / Re: New Practice Mode
« Last post by MSE_Laura on July 03, 2020, 10:30:24 AM »
Hello there, lightoflife3
Long time no see! Do you mean it to be like a longer in-game tutorial?
I believe that that's the idea behind the mentorship rewards (playing as a vet with new players). I do think you have some interesting points! 
Suggestions / Re: Locals HP
« Last post by MSE_Laura on July 03, 2020, 10:06:52 AM »
Hello, Random_guy!
It's really cool that you look for different ways to play with the locals. As you said, they are meant to be more stealthy characters. They deal quite a lot of damage but also have less HP as a way to balance the game. Otherwise, they would be incredibly OP don't you think?
Bug report & Technical Support / Re: Some bugs
« Last post by MSE_Laura on July 02, 2020, 03:18:25 PM »
Hello, Archérus
Welcome to Spacelords.  We hope you enjoy your time in the Broken Planet!
You got some old and new bugs there. The Mikah one has been tracked and it's still on the path of being investigated.  I'd need a bit more info for Shae's FOCUS KAA7. For the others, I'm sending reports right away to see if they are bugs or features.
Thanks for taking the time to send us feedback!
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