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Hello, these are exactly things that I call "Quality of Life". Some screens in this game must be optimized for a better experience for players.

As you said. One screen could give us all.

Also, we could have a better graphic showing our performance such as:

- how many kills I got (meele/shot) mobs/elites
- how many deaths I had
- how many antag kills and deaths I got
- how was my accuracy
- how many points did I get
- How much heal/shield was given to allies
- Aleph collected
- Aleph stored at the objective
- Time it took for the mission to be completed

Them who was the MVP and a note of performance.

There could also be other titles besides the MVP such as:
- who did more damage
- who healed more
- who got more kills with its fists
- who killed more the antag
- etc.

All with funny titles. This would improve the sense of reward and the experience of playing, also would let people understand what are they doing during the game.

Also, if this would be implemented, let us have a departure history so we can see how we played before in a stage/character.

Also, have a "new record" when we have a better performance in anything. This can even become an achievement later on.

Spacelords Universe / Re: i QUIT
 on: January 15, 2021, 12:08:59 PM 
Hello there,
It does break my heart to see a player leave the game. I'm sorry that you had a bad experience with the game, VeryShae.

On the other hand, that's indeed part of the game mechanics. All players have a few seconds on invulnerability after killing an elite and a raider/antagonist, as it would be really unfair to let them be killed after they secured the kill. You can use that too in order to avoid harm or take advantage of the situation! I really hope this info helps you.

Since you're very nice, I decided to reinstall Spacelords.
I even posted on different game forums to invite new players to Splacelords. Hope someone will come.

Anyway, please fix small things that may irritate frequent players, such as there are too many cinematics or so. I have played so many games in my life and I think Spacelords is at least a 100 million dollars game if small things were fixed and there were more game modes (elimination, free for all, etc.). Maps are already very good for PvP purpose so I don't see any problems in this.
In fact, I have never seen a game with so many interesting ideas and designs like Spacelords before.


Call me up if you need someone to play man. I share some of the same opinions and I'm struggling with mixed feelings about this game, especially the state it is in right now (no grapple kill, infinite ammo, etc.). I also downloaded it again looking for the nostalgic feeling of playing it.

It's a good game. It has good art, it has solid gameplay .. just need to focus on some quality of life changes and maybe go back a few ideas.

This game can easily get into the mainstream and have the respect and attention it deserves.

Came to agree with what you are saying. In the few posts I went to, most say the same "go back with a few of your choices, the game was solid. Go back and start expanding again from there.". Can't say I disagree.

I don't blame the devs for trying things they believe in after all is their game, but I do think it's unhealthy not to pay attention to what your game community is asking or addressing such things.

We cant change if that is the direction they want to go, is up to us to voice our opinions and also accept defeat. Now I do think its a shame, the game was solid and authentic, really hooked me with its challenge.

There is no shame in going back a few steps, they would regain much from the player base doing so and also by talking to us about their directions so we could understand.

A game can only grow if there are people to support it, right? People who want to play or even pay and the game only exists as long as there is a passionate and dedicated team working on it.

That said again, I do miss the old space lords and their creativity. Would enjoy more story, characters, and such but I wouldn't change quantity over quality.

Stay strong riders

Gameplay Feedback / Re: My thoughts on grapple
 on: January 14, 2021, 05:50:11 PM 
You see I do agree with you. The structure of the CQC was solid and a core mechanic concerning the gameplay. Just as the infinite ammo and auto drop of aleph (trying not to lose track here), now there are few objectives as what to interact in the game. There used to be a sense of challenge and adrenaline both in CQC and sustaining yourself, looking for mobs to get ammo, looking for elites with aleph, trying not to be caught by them. That made the game a whole lot challenging and in a good way (talking about me).

I do feel the game took as "way too easy" route and is making it less rewarding.

Also, there were a lot of counter plays for grapple that made you feel smarter as well as a good player, again, more rewarding.

Spacelords Universe / Re: Suggestions For Improvements and Feedback
 on: January 14, 2021, 01:12:47 PM 
Hey, I agree and disagree with somethings. I understand the need to teach players and the frustration of being unable to talk to them, but chat and voice chats sometimes tend to get more toxic than they should.

One way I think it could be implemented is how Remnant (from the ashes) let you pinpoint a location or objects with a cursor and depending on the thing you are pinpointing the character will say a specific phrase, the minimap now will have a temporarily dot and there will be a notification for all the player. Also pinpointing would synergise well with the communication well already implemented.

Now the PVP is something I agree with you about. When I head "spaceguilds", that's what I thought it would be and that would, as you say, bring more people to be interested in the game.

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