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Suggestions / make it work
 on: June 07, 2019, 09:03:47 PM 
that's my only suggestion for this game :
make your game works correctly ! period.

we push the skip scene button ? skip the scene.
we have to put aleph smwhere ? don't make us turn around the item in order to find the sensible spot to activate it whereas we were in front of the bloody thing.
you want grab better than dodge ? make us grab dodging opponents 100% of the time.
you have an opponent lock system ? make us reach our goal when we attack and not sliding along an opponent in front of us.
etc etc etc.

you made clear rules for your game, make them real !

NO exception depending of the player lvl, his stuff, a cheating AI or the moud of your code !

make your game works as it's intended to !

players won't play where there is no fun.
and they can accept to lose against a stronger opponent, but not because their actions are totally random and do not respect the rules edicted by the game himself.

you can become better, buy better equipement etc...
BUT you can't do anything against a shity code who decide that, nope, you won't dodge a series of punch this time.

and that is where we are now : it's not fun nor motivating.
even in victory there is no fun !
 because there is so much bugs during the missions that 50% of the time, it was a pain in the ass to play anyway !

so make it fun to play !
and for that make it works as it should !

bugs are not fun.
cheating AI is not fun.
unplayable game because of ping are not fun.
invincible elites who react at lightning speed and run half the map are not fun.
pack of grunt that you can't fight or run from because they shoot and run stronger and quicker than you and have more health than you have, are not fun.
elite who activate their power nearly before arriving on the map and instant kill you the moment they touch the floor are not fun.
sniper who teleport again and again just the moment you strike at them, being invincible. not fun.
or sniper who fake their teleportation and instatnt kill you the during the time you are repelled by their teleportation. absolutly not fun. 
and there is so much examples, we could go on like this for hours...

you want your community to grow ?
make them have fun playing your game.
and for that, your priority should be to make it works correctly and without cheating AI.

i don't care of lvl, drop ammo, or balance (in the end all seem about who will have the biggest gun anyway...).
the only important thing for this game is to put an end to random actions in fights, because that's the biggest source of fun breaker, and new communication system, better rewards or a good joke of lycus won't change that.

so i don't know how it is on playstation, but on PC it's just a frustrating nightmare.

and i'm ready to bet that's the first reason this game  can't grow.
the game could be cool.
but as it is, it's just NOT FUN.
just a succession of frustrating and irritating bugs and situations.
so players just leave for another one.

and that's a pity, because this game had real potential.
so, bring the fun.

Gameplay Feedback / Re: too much random fighting for me
 on: June 07, 2019, 12:52:52 AM 
F***K !!!
here is your gameplay dayly feedback !

today i can't count the times where i have been punched while i was dodging, nor the time where i have been grabbed while i was punching or when i was grabbed whereas  i had launched my grab long before my opponent did !

your gameplay is f***g b***s***t, THAT is the only feedback there is to report on this bloody game.

NOTHING works correctly. it's a fkg joke godammit.
and anyone who respect himself should find another free game to play.

jesus christ...
feels better now it's out... =)

Gameplay Feedback / Re: Sudden Death Makes no sense
 on: June 06, 2019, 07:32:49 PM 
current version doesn't really bother me.
yes, it's a bit strange to lose as 3players are still alive, and maybe something like 20lives quick respawn /10or12 lives more, long respawn time/ no more respawn, game lost if everyone dies, would make more sens.

but well... it does not bother me this way, and as mention, it prevent the antag to have to defeat an invincible foe.

Gameplay Feedback / Re: The BEST kind of matches
 on: June 06, 2019, 06:02:37 PM 
hmmm no, hans does not fly in a loop for eternity. unfortunately.
usually, at a moment, the game consider you fly off an edge and makes you die by falling. ^^

Gameplay Feedback / Re: Clueless Newcomers
 on: June 06, 2019, 01:13:13 AM 
isn't it pointless Derin ?

yes, new comers make mistake... as we all do, and not only newcomers.
i see first rank player who absolutly don't know mission objective or maybe just don't give a shit about it.

they just increase the monster lvl for all other players of lower lvl and run around pointlessly, just killing monsters, not even using their alephe, while teammates are OS by regular mobs poping everywhere.
i guess they just try to access highlights...

highlight, being useless on a failed mission. what an achievement...

and why not trying to grab a boss ? don't seems nonsens to me.
first you don't kow if you don't try, and second you can even grab schneider, and that doesn't instant kill him. it could have been the same for first boss kruzman for example.

of course trying to grab the council makes less sens...
but as far as i am concerned i take less grudge on new people who do not know what to do, wich is normal, than on people who willingly does shit.

and for attacking elite with bare hands. most of low/mid lvl weapons do clearly no damage, so they don't really have any other choice...

anyway, sometimes people don't play as we want they do (and it's the same for them).
if we can't stand that, i think there is tons of solo games with no-one to frustrate us.

Suggestions / various ideas
 on: June 06, 2019, 12:21:54 AM 
hi =)

i think it could be fun to :
- skip the battle result/reward attribution.
- can acces the last battle info/result somewhere before launching a new one.
- forge lvl 0 weapon for low money, just to try them (but with blueprint still needed).
- change at least the weapon, on the mission character selection screen (without paying).
- have a friend list.
- not have team leader -> team members can't give adice and just speak as "me i'm going to do that". not so important but sometime it's a problem.
- have the possibility to evaluate all team members.
- try more than one character at a time, or less than one week.
- play only with  only 1 or 2 people more and choosing to open it or not to antagonist.

Gameplay Feedback / too much random fighting for me
 on: June 05, 2019, 11:15:31 PM 
hi people.

i'll try a broad feedback of my gaming experience for this 3 last weeks.
first things first, let me be clear on that, i think the game is cool.
or at least it could be if it weren't those pesty bugs.

so my first big problem is this nearly full random fighting...
your fighting sytem is clear, godammit, punch over grab over dodge over punch. child play !

so, why, in all god's names, it's not always effective in gameplay ??
worst is the grab, you absolutly never know the result when you try to grab smthing...
sometimes you bump on your adversary without grabing him (not talking about invicibility time or ping problem here) sometimes you just pass through him... and sometime. yes, he dodges you...

but there is the same problem with punch. sometime you are "punch punch punch mother f***r", and... nope. you are grabbed during one of your attack (this happens more against pve opponent), or the ennemy success to punch you through your series.

another problem is dodge+punch while the opponent is just punching your face out.
he's punching, you dodge and counter attack with punch too. but... nope. he punches you after your dodge before you do... absurd.
and of course, sometimes your are mashing the dodge button, but nothing happens, and the opponent keeps punching you in the face again, and again, and again. until you die...

let's talk about pve now.
ok i understand you want a hard game.
fair enough.
but doing it by letting the monsters cheat is just boring and frustrating.
(and monster who always know where you are, even if you are hiding, is not the worst.)
sometimes (frequently) their reaction time is absurd... you attack an elite from behind, he didn't see you coming, you launch a punch/grab, and the lil' sucker activate his invulnerability, turn around, laugh at you, drink a coffee, grab you and fuck your ass out before your hand reach him...

seriously, when did the dev thougth that kind of things could be fun ?
9/10 elite crush you because they cheat, not because "they are strong".

oh, locking system... same as the rest... never know when it will work or not...
sometime you reach a running "hidden" opponent, and sometime he is just in front of you and you miss him again and again, punching the air while you turn around him like a retarded dog.
it's still worst when the opponent is above or under you

so for all this reason, pvp or pve, same result, fights are too often full random, and it's full boring.

add to this a pretty random matchmaking who can put in your team a player who just insanely upgrade the monsters level for the mission compared to the rest of the team members' levels, and it can easily break the fun.

oh ! i was forgeting :
test the bloody host before the attribution !!!
10% of the time you have to play a match with more than 400 ping and it is just unplayable when it happens.
so just make the player with the best ping host of the match please...

well, with the skipping scene fonction who do not really works (or let's say it works as randomly, as the rest of anything in the game...), i think i'm done with my feedback.

have a good day everyone.

(ps : the game french translation is awfull (random ?). i don't know if you paid for it, but i hope you didn't... i'll do it for a low price if you want a more understandable translation) ;)

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