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Bug report & Technical Support / spores (hive)
 on: July 21, 2019, 02:31:10 PM 

the card spores did not works.

i know everythings in this game works randomly, so it's not sos surprising, but here it is.
io made a game against a doldren, (and i play doldren enough to know that the card spores one shot him)
and it works one or two times in the game. i had spores + plagues, and nope.
the guy one shot me (normal with doldren) and killed me with the second blow without being affected by the card. except maybe twice during the game.

i won't tell it enough, make your game works properly before trying to add or modify useless things.
there is nearly no mission which is not bugged a moment or another or wich is not pingged to death.

Suggestions / blueprint.
 on: July 07, 2019, 12:34:34 PM 

maybe, since we have barely a common BP per week, maybe, you should at least give us BP we do not already own...?  :)

Gameplay Feedback / Are you serious ???
 on: July 04, 2019, 11:28:04 AM 
ok, the game launch me on a mssion i did not chose (a weapon from the past), in a camp i had not choosen (i was raider, while i am finishing my antags adventure for the month)...

but i think... ok... let's play anyway...

and i teamed only with fckg hewey brothers. the all 3 of them !

i was alone, against hordes of ennemies able to 2 or 3 shots konstantin in full armor cards' set !
in a bloody timed mission ! AND on top of that, it was for my opening chest mission, so i get nearly nothing as reward with my wonderfull 0.9 score !!

so my question is : are you serious ?
is this bugged game serious ?
is it just some sort of devs joke in gaming world ?

honestly devs, i have nothing against you, but there is not a single day where this game does not amaze me by its countless abberant and repetitive bugs.

seriously make it works.

you can test, experiment, modify all you want, it'll never change people won't stay on it, cause it's bugged to the core.

Bug report & Technical Support / kinetic drift, lycus' card
 on: July 02, 2019, 09:50:09 AM 

i don't know if you did that on purpose, so i put that here.

the card kinetic drift sacrifice 40% of the shield, to punch 60% harder.

but it also sacrifice the shield when you grab...
and during a grab you "punch" twice, and so you sacrifice your shield twice for an attack who kill your opponent no matter what (except old man and shneider).

so if you did not that on purpose, maybe you should correct that, since grab is no punch, and moreover as no use with increased power attack (except for old man and shneider).

and if you did it on purpose, well, maybe you should correct that, since grab is no punch, and moreover as no use with increased power attack (except for old man and shneider). ^^

Bug report & Technical Support / shooting blank
 on: June 26, 2019, 09:36:49 AM 
aaaaaand ladys and gent, here is a new random fighting buuuug !

weapons who shoot blank.

not a lot to explain : you shoot. nothing happens.
ammos are used and you reload, but no bullet is shot and no damage is done.

have a video of it, but still don't know how to put it here.  :-\

Suggestions / antag desertion
 on: June 25, 2019, 02:09:28 PM 
why penalise antags when they leave ?
is a raider ever bothered by a surrendered antagonist ?

Bug report & Technical Support / block but not only people...
 on: June 22, 2019, 12:15:38 PM 
when you block a someone at the end of the game, you can't do anything else. nor block another one, nor congratulate the leader.

Spacelords’ Advice / HIVE
 on: June 20, 2019, 09:26:58 AM 
makes 2 or 3 times i fight a strange hive.
each time i hurt her, it puts me on my knees, nearly dead... =s

is it the effect of Spores' card ? oO
cause that's the only one i found who could have some kind of effect.
and if it is, it's bloody strong.

Gameplay Feedback / ping
 on: June 20, 2019, 08:17:04 AM 
5 games in a row.
4 with more than 250ping.

Suggestions / cortez ftw !
 on: June 20, 2019, 03:47:59 AM 
wanna play cortez  ! 8)
puliiiiiiz <3

Suggestions / testing characters and weapons
 on: June 17, 2019, 10:19:40 PM 
today, we can't test weapons, and i find the testing characters option usefull but pretty annoying too.

why not add the possibility to test everything, unlimited, in the solo game ?
wich is, i think, pretty anecdotic for now.
you can even add an optionnal IA antag on solo mode (with eventually the possibility to chose who we'll fight).

so we'll be able to try characters and missions against both pve and "pvp" and it will add some usefullness to solo mode.

Suggestions / modifying dayly missions
 on: June 17, 2019, 10:11:44 PM 

in current version the higher lvl we are, the more the special mission are rebooted.
so you have to play the game more frequently each day as your lvl grow.

but if you work, that not always possible.

so, why not only one reboot by 24h, but with a higher number of special reward's missions availables depending on your lvl ?

so players don't have to bow to the game agenda, but can have their speials rewards anytime when they have free dayly time to play.

Spacelords’ Advice / 350 score ?
 on: June 15, 2019, 03:48:51 AM 
hi everyone.

there is smthing i still don't understand right now about the score's reward board.
max reward is at 350 points.
max score for a mission is 10 (at least on every mission i checked, it was mention 10 max.)

so to achieve the max score, you need 35 missions at perfect score.

but i have only 34 "missions" available  :-\

4 campagnes with 4 mission each, makes 16 missions + the intro mission where we save lycus, make 17.
17 missions we can play as raider and antag both, makes 34.

so only, 340 max score.

where is the 35th mission ?  ???

or, is there some missions who can score more than 10pts ?

Bug report & Technical Support / new bug ? or not...?
 on: June 12, 2019, 07:19:28 PM 
two time since yesterday, i run into bugged missions.
don't remember it happens before.
the first one, we was on spider kruzman.
 there was an antag.
the spider reclame the kruzman head (for the second time if i remember well) and... mission lost.

we still had plenty of lives, i can't see why we died.
i don't think the antag as a side mission to succeed to prevent us to win here.
and until now i never lost the mission, except by runnig out of live.
so is there a way to lose this mission i still don't know or was it some sort of bugs ?

the other one was yesterday, against the "tetsuo like boss" or the "big pinkish blob".
there was an antag again.
the blob run out of health, so we should go to the last part of the mission, where you have to put 10 aleph in the accumulator. but... nope. nothing happen.
we just keep putting aleph in it waiting to pass to the last part of the mission, until the antag finish us off little by little...

is the game used to this kind of bugs ?
are they bug or did i miss smthing about these 2 missions ?

Suggestions / make it work
 on: June 07, 2019, 09:03:47 PM 
that's my only suggestion for this game :
make your game works correctly ! period.

we push the skip scene button ? skip the scene.
we have to put aleph smwhere ? don't make us turn around the item in order to find the sensible spot to activate it whereas we were in front of the bloody thing.
you want grab better than dodge ? make us grab dodging opponents 100% of the time.
you have an opponent lock system ? make us reach our goal when we attack and not sliding along an opponent in front of us.
etc etc etc.

you made clear rules for your game, make them real !

NO exception depending of the player lvl, his stuff, a cheating AI or the moud of your code !

make your game works as it's intended to !

players won't play where there is no fun.
and they can accept to lose against a stronger opponent, but not because their actions are totally random and do not respect the rules edicted by the game himself.

you can become better, buy better equipement etc...
BUT you can't do anything against a shity code who decide that, nope, you won't dodge a series of punch this time.

and that is where we are now : it's not fun nor motivating.
even in victory there is no fun !
 because there is so much bugs during the missions that 50% of the time, it was a pain in the ass to play anyway !

so make it fun to play !
and for that make it works as it should !

bugs are not fun.
cheating AI is not fun.
unplayable game because of ping are not fun.
invincible elites who react at lightning speed and run half the map are not fun.
pack of grunt that you can't fight or run from because they shoot and run stronger and quicker than you and have more health than you have, are not fun.
elite who activate their power nearly before arriving on the map and instant kill you the moment they touch the floor are not fun.
sniper who teleport again and again just the moment you strike at them, being invincible. not fun.
or sniper who fake their teleportation and instatnt kill you the during the time you are repelled by their teleportation. absolutly not fun. 
and there is so much examples, we could go on like this for hours...

you want your community to grow ?
make them have fun playing your game.
and for that, your priority should be to make it works correctly and without cheating AI.

i don't care of lvl, drop ammo, or balance (in the end all seem about who will have the biggest gun anyway...).
the only important thing for this game is to put an end to random actions in fights, because that's the biggest source of fun breaker, and new communication system, better rewards or a good joke of lycus won't change that.

so i don't know how it is on playstation, but on PC it's just a frustrating nightmare.

and i'm ready to bet that's the first reason this game  can't grow.
the game could be cool.
but as it is, it's just NOT FUN.
just a succession of frustrating and irritating bugs and situations.
so players just leave for another one.

and that's a pity, because this game had real potential.
so, bring the fun.

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