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Gameplay Feedback / Re: Lower MMR Difficulty
 on: August 04, 2019, 01:42:10 AM 
Right? It's pretty usual seeing veteran players having to carry matches with low levels, clearing the entire map, doing objectives. Can't even blame the newbies, they probably need an entire magazine to kill one of the most basic mobs, and they come in packs of 2 to 3 most of the time.

I remember Warframe had a reddit page showing the calculations for the enemy armor of every faction and what weapon mods you should use to fight them effectively(Warframe also has tabs for different loadouts, so you don't need to reconfigure your mods. Heh). Here we can't even grasp how the mission difficulty works.

Gameplay Feedback / Re: Lower MMR Difficulty
 on: August 03, 2019, 08:02:18 PM 
Played "A Weapon From the Past" at 34% difficulty, picked Valeria. The first time I tried to shoot the squid, 4 shotgunners spawn right beside me, Valeria can't outrun them so I get stunlocked to death, shooting back doesn't work since they have more than 150 HP each.

In the second part the shittiest Wardog had more than 200 HP it took two explosions from Earthing to kill them. The Doldren in the team wasn't chasing the elites so it had parts there were so many explosive shots from elites I couldn't see a thing, and it got worse when they had Aleph.

I feel that at 30% MMR we need to have a tight team of Raiders just to clear the mission with minimum casualties, this without an antagonist. It shouldn't be the case, 30% should be very easy to easy difficulty.

You have to go WAY low now to have any semblance of fun. They allowed the harder difficulties to bleed downstream now. so it sucks even at lower MMRs, like 30% range. I'm going to go down to 10% or lower myself. This shit just ain't any fun anymore.

The difficulty is making no sense now, sometimes shotgunners can down you in one shot at 36% MMR, sometimes they drop like flies in 53% MMR. Today the machinegunner will shoot you for 5 seconds non stop and kill you with one magazine, the other day they'll shoot thrice and have their gun jammed, in the same difficulty. How does this even work?

Gameplay Feedback / Re: the new update...
 on: August 03, 2019, 06:51:38 PM 
You nailed it with the aleph elites, they have really messed up AI where they'll dodge even if they're with their backs turned to you.

After I tried Schneider myself, I agree with you, aiming with his gun is hard and needs positioning, the nerf was uncalled for. I didn't even see people playing him that much before the nerf.

I'm playing since the launch of Prizes Galore and the game never rewarded players for being useful, only the players with more kills(grunts and antagonists), got the most bonus.

About the MMR "cheaters", those are just people playing by the game's rules, high MMR brings nothing good so people will keep lowering it.

Gameplay Feedback / Re: New "natural aleph deposit" system.
 on: August 02, 2019, 09:44:30 PM 
Problem is, this slows the gameplay and is less about the CQC and more about cleaning the mobs with a big bad gun (in fact, before you had to choose between killing with guns or fists).
Pretty much. This is probably the reason why they decreased the amount of ammo you get from normal enemies.

Suggestions / Re: New Spacelords Feedback (add yours here)
 on: August 02, 2019, 07:19:03 PM 
Fourth, the MMR and difficulty. I never understood why enemies have to become bullet sponges and deal 30 damage per shot at 50% MMR or above. Shouldn't MMR be capped at about 60 then? Who are you making this game for - The Divison fans? The very same people that spend about 200 bullets to kill a single weak mob? How do you expect people with Forge Lvl 0 to deal with them? And how do you expect T5 players to deal with Status 5-1 players? Difficulty spike? You're digging your own grave with this matchmaking.
I think the difficulty spikes are one of the worst offenses. Sometimes Raiders and Antagonists have a diffenrence of 1%, but the difficulty scales to 20% for more or less. How does that even work?

Gameplay Feedback / Re: New "natural aleph deposit" system.
 on: August 02, 2019, 06:49:52 PM 
I have a problem with it. The aleph drops are nothing but another hindrance on the mission, before, killing elites were not only a way to clear the path but also mission progression, now you have to run around the map being not only target of enemies but also antagonists, which can also get the aleph and use it for their own benefit. Antagonists can also destroy it. The aleph spawns in some missions are not even quick enough for being of tactical use like it was advertised.

So yeah, I think it's pretty bad overall.

It does, which should be considered a bug, if all his other guns dont OS on headshots
Doldren's starter gun kills with headshots, why wouldn't Harec do the same with a rare gun.

Bug report & Technical Support / Re: PS4 Trophies not dropping
 on: August 01, 2019, 06:34:34 PM 
Can confirm some of the character trophies on the playstation aren't working, despite building a weapon and getting a full row of talents

You have to make sure the weapon you're building is not the starter gun, you can rebuild that one 10 times, but still will not give the achievement.

Suggestions / Re: In my opinion the skins are too expensive
 on: August 01, 2019, 06:15:47 PM 
MSE does flash sales, all you need to do is wait for the one you want to be included in a pack - they go up to 40%.

I would say that unless you like the melee weapons(which it's not my case), it's cheaper to buy the character and weapon skin individually.

This entire thread in a nutshell: The most toxic guy on this forum calls out the second most toxic guy on this forum for calling him out on how toxic he is in other threads.

Suggestions / Re: Alicia's double jump needs a cooldown
 on: July 30, 2019, 10:08:40 PM 
What? Being able to hover in the air almost continuously, putting you into wounded after a couple of shots or dropping her ammo on you to explode, you think is fair? I've played in many missions with T1 R1 players, wiped out tvery easily by her.

Every character's special ability has a cooldown. She should not be the exception.
I think that since she's Wardog you can see her at all times so your team should prepare to shoot her down as soon as they see her through the walls.

By the way, what were the characters on your T1 R1 team? What was the mission difficulty? The stage? How many times that happened?

And remember that Valeria's weapon has a long cooldown, made quicker by cards and shooting enemies normally. Unless you're usihg her Quantum Harmonic Oscillator, card with 5 Aleph super boost enabling almost instantaneous reloads, Valeria is a sitting duck, for Alicia should she miss.
Like I said, Valeria's Little Girl isn't meant to fight Alicia. It's unfair, but you should expect balance issues from any competitive game with a diverse range of characters.

Suggestions / Re: Alicia's double jump needs a cooldown
 on: July 30, 2019, 05:46:56 AM 
That would make her useless. Besides she has low health, shoot her a couple of times and she's dead.

Also, I think Alicia should be countering Valeria, not the other way around.

I think sonofoz's posts are pretty amusing, makes me remember when I spent my afternoons lurking on steam forums. Good times.

Gameplay Feedback / Re: ennemy within.
 on: July 27, 2019, 04:51:26 AM 
Check the difficulty, if the guy was a baby antag chances are that his low MMR increased the game's difficulty. I played a game today where I outrunned 2 or 3 green dogs who were chasing me, so they must have gained a boost on your game due to the scaling.

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