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Spacelords’ Advice / Re: Harec's rare gun Ignis Fugit
 on: June 02, 2019, 12:08:59 AM 
since identity: every headshot (no need to kill) gives you a crit shot.
Put switch to crit bullet on another button then, I have scroll-wheel down for special.

The damage is alright, but I headshot ennemies fully charged and they survive. My aim is merciless, that should help. Also it might be worthwile going a bit for exterminator.

Right now I enjoy Doldren with Bloody Mary a bit more for such gameplay.

I play with a controller. Imma work for cards that increase damage because. My build for it is hero killer maxed, caliber 2 away from maxed and dumped the rest in exterminator.

Spacelords’ Advice / Harec's rare gun Ignis Fugit
 on: June 01, 2019, 04:54:07 PM 
I built this weapon yesterday and am a little disappointed on the damage of his base shot. Granted only tested on fifth council enemies so far only doing 113 damage on headshots often taking three shots to kill one normal add. However I'm confused on the working of its gimmick.

Is it every time I get a headshot it gives me a round in the critical shot or do I have to kill an enemy to get the critical shot? I have gotten a headshot before and it gives me a critical bullet but sometimes I would get a headshot and it gives me nothing...Also I think they should change it to were while aiming you cant switch modes because I often try to zoom in and it switches to the critical shot.

Suggestions / Re: Shakura
 on: June 01, 2019, 04:46:20 PM 
The Shakura is my favorite because I can just set it up and forget about it. However as an antag its overpowered espically with the Antimatter Permeation card. With that card and 5 alphe your bridge does 50 points of tick damage.

I think a reasonably nerf is lowering the ammo cap on the gun its self and using a bit of ammo each time you change directions like you suggested. Or reducing the amount of times you can change its direction.

People who say this weapon isn't overpowered always use the excuse "Harec is a counter for Valeria. Just snipe her down." or use Doldren. But fighting an antag you never know if your gonna get a Valeria or an antag in general. Playing the game shouldn't be a gamble of hopefully picking the right player to try and win the mission.

Suggestions / Re: Updated Raider Idea (Kiera)
 on: June 01, 2019, 04:38:39 PM 
To Angeles2099

You make some interesting that I do like. Im hoping to give her a huntress personality but with more friendly I suppose. A little less energetic then Rak's personality but not as cold as Ginebra . As for her guns I do believe they don't sound like Local weapons however I'm trying to give her a kit that is mostly support. Slowing the enemies for easy headshots or closing in the gap. The other two are just sorta fillers not full concepts. The rare gun idea was a add-on to your weapon idea in the past however sorta weakened because I felt your idea may have been overpowered however thinking about other local weapons I can see fitting in just fine.

Also I have a friend working on concept art although I would love to see your idea of what she should look like whenever you have time.

Thanks for you suggestions!

Suggestions / Re: Updated Raider Idea (Kiera)
 on: June 01, 2019, 04:28:10 PM 
… The raider's ability is the power to open up portals or "Rifts". …
… has the gimmick of shooting small destroyable traps (the same size of the mines that are dropped by the minelayers) …

This reminds me a bit of Overwatch's Symmetra - I'm just saying.

That is where I got the idea from. Symmetra is my favorite character in Overwatch. I thought using this idea in Spacelords would help out the team a bit. Obvilously not stealing the idea because the traps wouldn't do any damage just hold them in place. I see it as a combination of Ayana's wire and Symmetra's turrents.

Hello Alex2199!

I have seen the English text of that card is totally misleading. I have reported it.

This card gives you a chance of getting out of wounded state (when you are downed) with a melee kill, so it only works killing with the special wounded punch animation.

Thank you

Oh okay that makes more sense. Thank you for the help

The raider Loaht is one I didn't play a lot, however, I am currently trying to play him more and understand his set.

I love the character card "Feral" due to the fact I can stay in beast form much longer then I need to be. But I also enjoy using his gun Popcorn but find that the fuse time takes way too long to be fully effective compared to his other guns. The character card "Short Fuse" helps but also forces me to take off "Feral". A few days ago I discovered the faction card "Natural selection" and was curious on how it affects Loaht's beast form if at all. Also how much the card even heals for. The rare card provides a 75% chance after killing an enemy with a strike but does not provide a percentage of health. Also curious if this card works on HIVE's ability as well because if so does that mean I can pop my excess health and then just go to town on melee?

Suggestions / Updated Raider Idea (Kiera)
 on: May 23, 2019, 03:45:10 AM 
On the 21st of May I made a post talking about a new idea for a raider in the local faction. After polishing the idea a little here is the updated thoughts. Her name is Kiera.

The raider's ability is the power to open up portals or "Rifts". These rifts will cause not only you but your team to teleport between the two of them causing instant travel across the map. As far as mission objectives I believe making the rifts unusable while carrying things such as the bombs on "short fused" or the encoder/Schneider on "in medias res" will make the ability still useful as it still provides the team more mobility yet isn't overpowered. I do not believe this is necessary, however, another alternative nerf to the ability is letting the enemies/antagonist be able to destroy the rifts. Some cards that could benefit is a speed boost, a brief moment of immunity, or even a slight heal after going through the rift.

Her base gun is a mid to long range rifle that has the gimmick of shooting small destroyable traps (the same size of the mines that are dropped by the minelayers) and whenever a enemy comes close enough it will fire a hook similar to Ayana however does not pull the enemy. Instead it slows them to a crawl making it easier to close the gap. There should also be a maximum number of traps able to be set out. Her second common weapon should be a semi automatic rifle with a gimmick of bullets that track the targeted enemy. The secondary fire mode just places a tracker on the enemy while the base shot instantly goes to them. The downside to this gun is the fact you can only damage one enemy at a time sense there can only be one tracker at anytime. You can track a different enemy by reusing the secondary fire mode or killing the previously targeted enemy. Her last and rare weapon should be a mid range shotgun that has the secondary fire mode that changes it to a sniper. This sniper has the ability to shoot through structures however muffles the damage significantly.

Concept art for Kiera has been posted in the Fan corner tab. Enjoy! <3

Suggestions / Re: A new raider idea
 on: May 20, 2019, 04:42:09 PM 
Not just that but Allow it to be used by anyone, Antag, Elites, and Grunts. He or she should have a limit of say 3 portals that don't last that long. The Character is forced to shut off all or none of the portals unless a card allows it. Certain cards give speed boosts when leaving a portal and others restrict the amount of portals to one and only allow you to travel too and fro but grants immortality for 3 seconds when not attacking.

Oh also there gun should incorporate there power and allow to shoot through structures if you can see there Aleph signature.

I like the gun idea although as an antag point of view I could see it being sorta powerful if it has a lot of range. I was thinking having it were theres only two portals but the adds (elites, grunts, and antag) could destroy it in some sort of way. Although your ideas are amazing!

Suggestions / The new adventure mode thing
 on: May 13, 2019, 05:05:18 PM 
Sense this just came out I don't know how it fully works. However, I did the math and if you get a perfect 10 score on every mission (As a raider) you cannot max the adventure bar. Forcing players to play antag which a lot of players do not enjoy doing. That's if you even get a perfect 10 score. As a raider I had a team that did not die, did the mission incredibly fast, and I was the featured player and I still only got a 9.8 score.

I believe to make this system better is make it easier for people to get a 10 score whenever they are the featured player OR make it to were the score resets before the end of the month. Maybe half way through the month or a couple of weeks. That way players aren't forced to play antag missions.

Suggestions / A new raider idea
 on: May 02, 2019, 08:14:16 PM 
I always enjoy playing as Mikah. She is loud, funny, and has an easy flow to her ability. Especially the fact she can teleport where her decoy is. This in mind I always thought it would be cool to have a character that could set up teleports around the map for not just him/her but the whole team. Perhaps for the Locals sense we haven't seen a new local in awhile.

Suggestions / Character rework.
 on: February 27, 2019, 10:16:39 PM 
Am I the only one who hates Ginebra being stressed 24/7 in cougar form? If she is gonna have 50 health she shouldn't be stressed. Sure she moves fast but as an antagonist, she can be chased down easily.

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