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Suggestions / Re: New Spacelords Feedback (add yours here)
 on: August 01, 2019, 09:32:20 PM 
Where as I agree with your list in most, The only thing I hate rn is the mmr.
  Going against high levels players with absolutely no support really sucks, the voice constantly putting me down, the ai sucks, if the players are (once again) over leveled than me, how am I supposed to deal with being hunted down and knocked out of the game by 3 punches??
  If I'm supposed to lose as antag then why not give me a bigger reward to keep me playing as antag? Why even have a score at all?
  The game style of antag feels more like a dunce cap than it does a fun style at a different play. It's more of a chore than it is a leisure.
   To make the game mode more fun and more challenging for other players, increase the melee dmg from antag for players under level 60 by at least 10% that way we have a chance at keeping up and keeping the enemy team on an even playing field. Rather than it taking us 30 hits to kill vs their 3 hits.
   One more thing I think goes unnoticed is that everything costs way too much with how little you earn from matches. I've been farming for over 3 months to buy a new char, no spending anything and still have not earned enough to get a new char yet. That's saying something. Yes I may not be one of the best antags or raiders but the whole "git gud" is more disrespectful than it is helpful when it comes to the slow process of trying to solo play due to no friends (the lfg forums dont always work out so no point in trying to post it) people dotn always have mics and people have lives to get back to so they cant enjoy other chars because of the hindrance behind such a puny reward working towards such an impossible priced possession.

  Yes I do have nice things to say about the game.

The new system is great. Quick play with rewards and the adventure score with the rewards is very sweet. The new layout is very much liked and it feels way easier to access everything from one area. No more scrambling to get where I wanna be. Poof, right there in front of me 

Before I end this post, one more thing I wanna say, GIVE ANTAGS A SURRENDER OPTION! too many times have I been stuck sitting in a match as antag watching these dudes spawn kill me over and over. We need a surrender option so we can go find a game that isnt filled with over powered groupies. (By groupies I mean people who are super fckin smart and stick in groups. Curse these damn smart people) anyways. Keep up the great work guys. Love the game!

Gameplay Feedback / Remove the grind and add fun.
 on: February 19, 2019, 05:29:24 AM 
The grind for new characters is ridiculously long, especially with the average 1500 per match on average going for a 108k character. That's absolutely ridiculous and this game will die down very quickly. Especially with new players either realizing a different game with better rewards like 5k per match or other people telling them the prices and suggesting a better game.

You guys also need to fix some occasions where players will win a match but get nothing but faction points. That's a huge slap in the face to put in all that effort and get nothing in return especially when theres an antagonist making your life hell. 

Suggestions / Less grind, more fun.
 on: February 19, 2019, 05:24:50 AM 
I suggest fixing the money issue with the crazy expenses with buying new characters and upgrades etc.

108k while recieving 1500 average per match is not what I want to do in my little time that I can play due to having a kid and education.

Bring it down to around 40k max for a char and then I'm sure most people will be happy, the grind + the unfair skill level mmr is just screaming "quit playing cause it's not even worth the effort"

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