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Gameplay Feedback / Re: Radar in spacelords...
 on: December 05, 2018, 06:02:41 AM 
Great for the raiders, terrible for the antagonists!

Gameplay Feedback / Re: Objectives issue
 on: December 05, 2018, 06:01:47 AM 
Yup, had that... The engineer gets to the console & the time it takes to beep twice, the job is done. I feel cheated when it happens.

Gameplay Feedback / Hosts bad ping ruins antagonist matches
 on: December 05, 2018, 05:51:23 AM 
Please sort this out and stop making the host the person with a really bad connection speed.
My internet is fine, & my ping is always between 19 and 24 whenever i test it. However, I keep losing antagonist matches because I can't reload weapons due t being unable to win any melee fight at all, as you keep making the host the person with slow internet, which is dropping my ping to anywhere between 160 and 450.
As a result, it makes no difference at all how i fight, even noobs of level 2 are getting the better of me, every single time, when this happens & when you're level 120 it makes them think they're awesome & i'm rubbish.
It really needs sorting so that this kind of disadvantage stops happening as it's started to spoil the fun. I can hold my own against any level whenever the connection is fine, but this is getting old now. Please get it sorted, it shouldn't be happening.

Gameplay Feedback / Re: Valeria's Special's Rate of Fire...
 on: November 27, 2018, 09:56:57 PM 
There are far worse than Valeria with whip, and all of them spam the same move, over & over. Nerf one character & another will take over until nobody is worth playing.
It's the same in every game, people complain and characters get nerfed into pointless crud that nobody uses.
Every character has it's strengths and weaknesses & while some are more annoying than others, theyre not invincible. 4 against 1 is a fair fight for raiders, no matter who you're up against, stop complaining and use your wits.

Gameplay Feedback / Robbed!
 on: November 27, 2018, 09:05:04 PM 
So, I was playing as antagonist on The beasts lair.
I get killed & there's no timer.
20 seconds later, the raiders are on a 30 second countdown to survive.
Still no revive timer for me.
They get all their lives back, still no timer.
About another 20 seconds after that, my 15 second revive countdown appears.
Needless to say, they end up winning.
Talk about daylight robbery!
That's just not right.

Gameplay Feedback / Re: Disgusting
 on: November 27, 2018, 09:01:10 PM 
Schneider is just as bad, and a few others.

I actually played antag with whip on fistful of sand, vs a radier with whip, schneider, konstantin & a noob at level 5, I had no chance, all  were much higher ranks & I was getting destroyed until I killed the protector at the end, it was a bitterly unfair match.
That being said, I've been destroyed as antag, using whip, and done a fair share of destroying myself.
It's the luck of the draw & when you play experienced players, it's no easy feat winning as valeria, more so when they have a decent team.
it's all about tactics & she is far from defeatable on in medias res, I've won and lost on both sides, on that map.

Spacelords Universe / Re: Why attack Friendly Antags???
 on: November 22, 2018, 08:54:51 PM 
Had that happen to me, a few games ago, all over level 120.
I spawned & sat down & got attacked every time, I hadn't even appeared for the first scene.
In the end, I just ruined their day by attacking back.

Glad I saw this as I just reported it as cheating, since my second antag mission ended in failure after I had everyone pinned down. They were losing & so the host disconnected & rejoined & I no longer had the advantage I worked hard to gain. The first 2 thirds of the match, I was losing, the last part had me stopping everyone from reaching the end until that disconnect & reconnect.
I will be taking names and/or videos in future!

I can understand why some people quit when there's a mentor match, I personally don't as every bit of gold helps, but quitters are ruining the game experience & I think the option should either be removed or only allow a certain number of quits per day, say 3.
The reason I say this is because I'm sick of waiting up to 5 minutes & sometimes even longer, only for somebody to quit, even when it's not a mentor match.
I've had 12 matches in a row cancelled on me, before posting this, and it's not a joke or exaggeration either, it's very frustrating, especially when it's the same level a couple of times & then a new one & somebody still quits or fails to accept. If this happens they shouldn't be allowed back in the queue either, for a specified amount of time on the level they chose not to accept or acknowledge their presence.
If you don't want mentor matches, the best bet for now is to go for the higher levels, though you do still get noobs there from time to time, even though you shouldn't really, especially those that require a specific level to open.
I think the devs are going to look into some of the other issues you mention as well, and btw, it's "more than"not then, just so you know :)

Gameplay Feedback / Re: Ignorant Teammates
 on: November 17, 2018, 04:20:53 AM 
Ignorance- "lacking knowledge or awareness in general; uneducated or unsophisticated."-

Just had two INFURIATING matches. On Short Fused, my teammates shot the extractors every time. On Destroyer of worlds, they never put aleph in the objectives.

On Short Fused the mission says "destroy wardog harvester" and the extractors actually have a health bar and can be destroyed. It's understandably confusing, although, they didn't even change behavior when i spammed melee, shots, etc at them or said "come with me". I blame them for that, because this did the trick for me when i was still the noobiest of noobs.

That match lasted forever.

Had the same thing on this level when playing with a friend and 2 randoms. It used to infuriate us until we realised that it saves time when nobody has any Aleph since the clock stops until another extractor is dropped, giving us time to get some!

Hi everyone!

This is a very intresting topic. We are currently looking into several threads in the forum discussing this issue in diferent forms. I would like to let you know that we are very thankful for your feedback and we are studing how to best tackle this topic.


Doesn't seem to be fixed. I played with a couple of friends in a team & got beaten to death by a mob of about 15 enemies, after getting punched to the floor in 1. This was at 34%, doesn't happen when I play with randoms.

Suggestions / Minor Annoyances
 on: November 17, 2018, 02:49:16 AM 
So, thought I'd start us of with a few minor annoyances that could use a revamp, tweek, removal or something else. Feel free to add to the list, if you think that changing something would make playing this game much better.
As a relatively new player, here's what i'd like to see changed.

Matchmaking.... mostly one person cancels, especially on mentor matches, or fails to accept a match. The 3 people left waiting then have to start their search again.

Why can't you just remove the person that cancelled, or failed to accept, and replace them with somebody else, instead of making everybody else start over again?

Cut scenes... 3 people (in the same room) press skip, 1 person, outside the group, chooses to watch. We all have to endure the same scenes we've watched several hundred times already. 3 votes overrules 1 vote, why do we still have to watch?

Either use a vote system, or just have us press and hold a button to skip, where the majority overrules again.

Rewards... We know what rewards we're getting already, we've already seen them. Why do we have to waste 2 minutes being shown them again, and then having to accept them on top of that?

Show us the rewards, all at once & allow us to move on with one single button press & no time wasted. Some of us don't have long left, in this world, you know. Game time is precious to us.

Disconnects.... Some players are taking advantage of this. I've seen people disconnect several times, and sometimes just once, only to appear again at the end & claim the rewards that the rest of us worked hard for, a man, 2 or even 3 down, which has actually happened to me.

If they're not back in 2 minutes, don't let them back & certainly don't reward them for doing absolutely nothing. It's bad enough our score suffered & we had to work even harder, without having to see leechers getting the same reward for logging back in at the last second, sometimes. The game doesn't get easier when we suffer a desertion, and it doesn't give us extra for all the hard work we put in when someone leaves at the start & returns at the end!

Griefers. Punish them, all of them. 3 of us were happily playing with a 4th random & an antagonist in short fused, when it was taking a while to complete the random wanted to surrender. The rest of us wanted to continue fighting. The random logged out, several times, & came back, several times. We were still doing well, despite the loss of a player, and then he returns to continually & deliberately head for the cliff edge & promptly commits suicide over & over, at every respawn. We still managed to hold our own against the antagonist & overcome 2 survival rounds, before the inevitable defeat due to the griefer killing themselves repeatedly.

All 3 of us reported the player, but our experience was ruined & tempers ran as short as the levels fuse.

I think that deliberate suicide runners should be removed after a handful of deaths, i'm sure there's a way to determine if someone is getting killed, by any means, purposely.

Blueprints... need to be clearly labelled. When searching for a level to play, they're either blue or gold & seem to be normal & rare, yet the weapons screen shows blue basic & blue advanced as well as gold basic and gold advanced. That's 4 types of blueprint on the weapons menu but only 2 on the level select.

How are we supposed to know which character to send in, for the blueprint they need, if there's 4 to use but only 2 that ever get displayed?

Just label them up more clearly so we don't have to waste time, effort & hair loss through stress, finding out that the character we sent in doesn't need the blueprint type the game has rewarded us with at the end.

That's my tuppence worth, & i'm sure that those changes alone would vastly improve everyone's experience within the game.

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