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Are you blind, dude?

Literally in the post you quote the reason for the game being the way it is now is explained to you. It is not a line. They are telling you directly why it is this way.

They want people to learn the game in this fashion. So what if a level 2 is hoarding Aleph? Are you not good enough at the game that one person holding on to 5 Aleph is the deciding factor between whether you win or lose?

Have you considered that maybe you lost that match because you're just not good at the game?

Also, the fuck does EA have to do with any of this?

There are many many many online only games made by many many different developers.

This shit is nonsense, bro.

Ship's Log / Re: Road to SpaceGuilds #3
 on: November 30, 2018, 08:31:00 AM 
Well, to be fair to both of you I think the queue is slow at any MMR that has the least amount of players. So it's probably a bell curve with the middle having the most players and the ends having the least. You will probably get the most quickest queue times at about 30 to 50%.
We weren't discussing queue times.

I was shutting down a spammer who wasn't getting enough attention so they came here to vomit their diatribe of nonsense because it was a thread with a MSE name attached to it.

You forget one thing Drow.

If you're the only human player and you are running around as Ginebra..who is doing the objective? It isn't the Cortez bros.

In this very specific situation the Antagonist only has to wait and the longer it takes you to do the objective the more the Antagonist wins. Will the Cortez bros. search for the Antagonist? Will they just idle about once they lose a target? We simply don't know.

It also seems highly likely that the Cortez bros. will be scaled down in lethality to whatever the Antagonist's AI is set.

One thing is for sure; the AI will not be as optimal as a human player thinking and strategizing.

Ship's Log / Re: Road to SpaceGuilds #3
 on: November 30, 2018, 12:26:42 AM 
That is unless you like waiting upwards of 10 minutes to get into matches

What would you say if I told you I have waited a whole hour for a match? Granted this was back in my MMR 0 days. To pass the time I did what I do when I wait for cutscenes to end: read, go around the 'net and smoke.

If you find what I said to be invalidating your opinions then you might consider that what I am saying is actually strong evidence to the contrary of those opinions.

Also, you have not said how totally sweet Cortez is with conviction so I am starting to suspect you're a spy after my everlasting gobstopper formula.

Oy vey. I understand peoples frustrations with the Antagonist system it can be broken at times. But please tell me how is it other players have such a hard time dealing with an Antag and i dont? How is it my games are so different from theirs that they would call for the Antagonist system to be removed or made optional? But before you answer let me give you a little insight on how i play the game.

When i jump on Spacelords I check to see what Bps are available and which ones have very high gold and faction rewards.  I play as a raider when try to obtain my daily rewards and when completed ill switch up and play as an Antag for a few games. I run in to my fair share antags. I win some i lose some, but i have a good time. I get that some of the player base doesnt like PVP but its not like they arent skilled players. So what reason could you give me other than "you dont like PVP" to get rid of the Antagonist system.

Further more Every person that dislikes both the Antgonist system and mentor matches only wishes to  get rid of it by making it possible to opt out of both. Yet they never offer up any solutions to try and fix the current system. Half these problems could be solved with a solid form of communication between players. The prompt system doesnt work. If players (both vet and rookie) could communicate more clearly, coordinating against antags and teaching rookies would be so much easier.


Only thing that's rough when you begin the game against antags is jack diddly for rewards and wasted time. That's what irked me back when I first started playing and what I feel for newer players today.

That being said, everyone is different. I love the gameplay so much, I didn't mind (most of the time) getting my ass kicked by antags. And it honestly made me a much better player. Not only helps being better against antags obviously, but also the PvE. It really sharpens your awareness and your ability to carry. As for as advantages/disadvantages in PvE, there are ALOT of variables that make that up, player level is just a small part of that. The game not being newbie friendly may not be good on MSE part to the sell the game, but it being a positive or negative is subjective. It's niche title anyway...

As for as folks quitting on sight when an antagonist shows up...don't know if it's a PC/XBox thing, but I play on PS4 and am level 168 and I have only seen that happen like 3 or 4 times through my playtime (and one of them is someone on this forum, who won't be named, but is a level 300+. You should be ashamed of yourself  ::)). But your mileage may vary I guess...

I'm not opposed to antags being optional, but that would mean less games for antags. I don't play antag personally, but if I did, that pissed me off. Since I don't, I have no strong feelings, but the PvP folk would have every right to get mad ... My personal opinion is to just penalize players a portion of their rewards who opt out of antag. Tier 5 (LV 1-19) won't get penalized, but after that penalty will be steeper the farther the tier.

For now, like I suggest to every anti-antag person, find a group on reddit, discord, gamefaqs, etc who feel the same as you do and squad up. You'll queue matches much faster and you can all surrender when an antag shows up.
PvP is just a one shot fest idk how anyone can enjoy that but whatever. And I was probably the lv 300 I don't really care about being exposed online tbh so feel free to do so.




Ship's Log / Re: Road to SpaceGuilds #3
 on: November 29, 2018, 06:07:13 PM 
IMO the lack of minimap and radar is a key feature that goes towards making this game unique. I don't think I would have familiarized myself with the arenas as organically if I was compelled to rely on a HUD element to assess my environment.

Also it gives the player's a whole additional "Sense" (for lack of a better word). It's going to have an impact on the core interaction.

I think the gameplay, as is, is solid. The problems are all quality of life. The stuff that makes new players lose interest. What we need in the next patch is to cut down trolls, timesinks and encourage cooperative play.

Make voice chat default or prompt players to use it.
Make cutscenes skip based on votes.
Make the rewards screens skippable or parred down.
Allow people to surrender without penalty if the half or more disconnect and/or the match has gone on for over 45 mins.
Don't end matches when the antag disconnects.

This feature just isn't a worthwhile addition when there are real gains to be had
Here I will chronologically rescind your points.
-Yes, you would still get to know the maps. You would still be playing the game. This makes no sense.
-Having an impact on the core interaction is the point, you goof.
-I have voice chat on. The only time someone has used it with me was to say a lot of horrible things. I will probably mute anyone who tries to talk to me now, I'm good enough that I don't need their yapping in my ear.
-Cutscenes are loading screens, just like the Cortez rewards screen. They could just get rid of them and add a Spacelords splash screen with the word "Loading" if you want, but then you'd probably be like "Why does this game have loading screens? They should be pared down." If someone wants to enjoy a cutscene fully, I don't see why I should care. No one is forcing anyone to stare at the screen while they play out.
-Man, not run into a situation very often where I have been in any match for more than 30 minutes, let alone 45 minutes. Surrendering should always give a penalty. What? Surrendering is bad, it means you're bad at the game. It shouldn't be a get-out-of-jail-free card.
-Why..not end the match when an Antagonist disconnects..? It is my reward for solidly stomping their face into the ground so hard they quit like a coward. Like a surrendering coward.
-Uh, wrong dude. The addition of Cortez addresses a major issue in the game and it does it in an awesome way. Now when lowbies jump ship I get to play with FUCKING CORTEZ. How is this not something to you? Jesus Christ. And the Raid-ar is cool. Now I can easily see when Elites have spawned even if I'm not looking in that direction and now Local antagonists will have to be extra stealth and Wardogs can attract attention easier, which are the main points of those factions being emboldened. Win-win-win.

Guys, we just got fucking CORTEZ and y'all still bitchin' bout' shit.

Come on, now.

Are you kidding me?

We just got CORTEZ HOLYSHIT and he has brothers, what the fuck?

Ah, shit, now I got the hype train going.

Bless you, MSE.


A lore reader's bane.

I have unfortunately quit the game as its no longer for me.

Boy, you should have lead with that.

Suggestions / Re: Plot and Character Design
 on: November 29, 2018, 08:01:57 AM 
Self-plug that does nothing to add to the conversation.

"Mentor Matches", oh yeah the match where you get 20% more xp and a little more gold and faction when all the new players quit in the first section.
as i said, they are trivial now. that is a good thing in mentor matches and the game does warn you about the mentor thing so the devs arent at fault on that aspect.
i still think people who cant play online should be able to play solo but if say its impossible to win mentor matches you are wrong.

Some people just can't handle the extra difficulty from having a low level player in their game. It is these people who are the most critical of the mentor system.

I'm pretty sure this is like the only game I have ever played that gives me any sort of bonus for playing with new players. But people don't like to think and instead they want stuff. So if there is a reward on the table people's natural greed will make them want more even if they didn't really deserve it in the first place.

Mercurysteam making the game online only was one of the reasons I walked away from it a few months ago. I may be playing Raiders/Broken Planet again, but the move to online only was shady, and I wont spend another dollar on anything Mercurysteam touches again. Hopefully one day they make the game online/offline again. shady about being online only? Some of the most popular games in the world are online only. Just off the top of my head; World of Warcraft, Fortnite Battle Royale, League of Legends, Defense of the Ancients, Spacelords, Counter Strike: Global Offensive and etc.

That stuff.
I stuck around. The point is that if people had the option to grind offline then it introduces massive balance issues, not to mention a more easy avenue through which to hack the game. How would rewards work for offline? Would you get the same amount of stuff as your online counterpart? Then the challenge would have to be similar and good luck soloing Short-Fused and scoring really well when you're the only thing the AI will focus.

But beyond that it is the intention of the developers to present their game at its fullest the very first time it is played. I'm sure there are many stories of impossible scenarios given to a group of Raiders, like they are all low level and they must contend with a high level Antagonist, and I have one too. Just less than 5 matches in I ran into a very high level Antagonist and I was absolutely shredded. I really had no idea what was going on and I appreciated the game's brutal nature. But here is the thing I had won my last few matches which only contained the AI. When I was first invaded my thought was "Dark Souls with guns" and I loved it. I still do.

There are many factors which are involved in this discussion. Especially since it is, like usual, becoming a thread about Antagonists. Which makes sense; the Antagonist feature is a very good one and without it this game would be less. So it is important for you to understand this thing.

Competitiveness breeds innovation. It makes things interesting. Once you have done the 17 missions 40-50 times each you start to wonder what other challenge there could be. I know that I instinctively know where things will spawn, how long it takes to do such and such action etc. But an Antagonist switches it all up.

It makes it fun. If it were playable offline and online then those people whom do not like Antagonists would play strictly offline. And, logically, I wonder what they are playing a game that has Antagonists for in the first place? There are many other games which do not have such systems of PvP.

So, I think it is more a matter of wanting to win at something without a challenge in place. Because Antagonists are a major part of the game and not liking them is almost tantamount to just not liking the whole game, can you truly say you like the gameplay if you hate 50% of it?

 It is not wrong for the developers to choose how they want to present their game, it is their investment, their work, their game.

Suggestions / Re: Plot and Character Design
 on: November 27, 2018, 07:27:26 AM 
Spacelords has many inspired elements that are well executed, but these elements fail to merge due to a fundamental error (regarding plot and characters). I recommend the book, The Seven Basic Plots, by Christopher Booker (just the first 400 pages, I don't recommend reading past that). Basically, there is an "archetypal" plot that must be followed (or you will have a boring story). He also explains the fundamental relationship between men and women, and the powerful role of the feminine and masculine within storytelling.
Fundamental problem #1 with Spacelords is that the women are too masculine.
Fundamental problem #2 is the lack of "good and evil". This means that nothing is pure, and that there's no reason to fight. Raiders are committing an evil act by "raiding". "Antagonists" do the same thing. This lack of good and evil is evident throughout the plot and design of the fictional world of Spacelords.
Your opinions do not count as fundamental problems. If I wanted to I could form an opinion about anything and then disparage it that way.

The female characters run the gamut of very feminine to very masculine just like the male characters. Your perception of feminine and masculine is incorrect. Harec shows great compassion, that is a very feminine thing. Ayana shows great greed, that is a very masculine thing.

There is an incredible battle between good and evil taking place within the layers of the lore. You do not have to look very long to find out Uras-Beherit has been a persistent and very evil enemy.

They subtly shade the characters with motivations and actions that can be considered good or evil, this is called good writing. We cannot be sure that stopping Krausher is good in the overall scheme of the game. He has priorities and goals which do not seem evil from the Hades perspective and we find out later that Shamash is the Legacy and so without Krausher and Hades' Hecatoncheir there really is nothing to use against him. But the Raiders do not know that and Krausher is an immediate threat to their plans. It is ambiguous and that is why it is so good.

Uras-Beherit is constantly represented by the Antagonist. If the Uras-Beherit is anything then it is suffering. The Antagonist is its representative in that regard. Everything the Antagonist does is evil. They cannot even choose their own actions and instead are forced to follow Raiders throughout the mission, even if they wanted to help they cannot directly due so because of their connection to Uras-Beherit. The Uras-Beherit is the main bad guy and it is definitely evil.

The Raider's actions do not lead to more suffering, they stop a myriad of plots that would lead to far greater suffering, and so they should not be considered evil. Many of the Raiders are honorable and good people. Doldren even has his own set of principles and codes which he follows. His belief in a beautiful death and his respect for Shae and Harec show that.

This is all in the Universe section of the game, I suggest you check it out.

I'm only trying to help. I've written a novel, a theological book, and a 14-hour video game script. I have real experience. Also, the only reason I'm here is that the game is almost great. It does many things at the highest quality that very few developers achieve. Since the developer continues to believe in seeing this game succeed (with new characters like Stefanie Joosten), I'm making suggestions.

Some simple things I would do:
1) The female characters are pretty hot, but they really need to be softened up. Some of them are currently animated in a way that makes them look too heavy (too much like a man). They also have way too much muscle and their shoulders are too big.
2) Attitude of female characters. Very few of them exhibit humility. There is nothing more attractive than a woman who is humble. A steadfast rule for attractive characters: men = authority, women = humility.
3) Get something righteous and good in the game. It currently is too dark and negative because amorality is the norm. Any new content should drive toward "renewal". History should not be ignored, as bad writing always ignores history (or tries to re-write history). We know what true morals are in our real world, and these must be carried through in any plot. (Think of the crusades, or WWI, or WWII, etc. What did they fight for, and who won?)

Well, I have written several novels. It doesn't mean shit. Also, if you have written a book on theology then the ecclesiastical nature of the game should come off as very interesting to you. Because you didn't mention anything about that I will have to assume you have not read the Universe section, the skins lore, the weapons lore, the website's lore, the mission lore or the comic's lore.

All three of your last points scream of someone who is incredibly traditional in their beliefs of the world. I find them to be..shallow and kind of offensive. I think you should research the material you are critiquing before making such bold accusations.

The story is incredibly deep and spans many thousands of years with many many different characters and situations. It is to MSE's credit that such an involved plotline is not necessary for the casual fan to enjoy the mission-only lore.

One last thing; Stefanie Joosten is not the name of the new character. It is Sooma. Ms. Joosten is simply letting them use her name and voice for the character to create media hype. It is very weird that you consider the character and the voice actress to be the same. You do not consider Nikki Garcia to be HIVE, do you?

Suggestions / Re: Dear MSE...
 on: November 15, 2018, 03:41:44 PM 

Please, refrain from this attitude immediately. Our community team strives to keep you updated with all the news coming out from the studio, and do their best to be your liaison with the developers team -who obviously are working on the game itself.

We accept criticism, as we believe it is the way to improve the game. Not all the suggestions can or should be implemented, and those that can actually take A LOT time and effort to do so for an indie developer as MSE, as anyone who understands the basics of game development can attest.

For any indie studio, having a person dedicated exclusively to a community role is an important investment and a show of commitment to the fans. You are entitled to agree or disagree with the service provided, but this unseemly confrontation and names calling ends now.


I'm afraid then that you will have to ban me outright, Hellath. Nothing I said is wrong or incorrect and while many people might find it to be aggressive, it is not by the way very aggressive at all, it is the truth.

Of course you are supposed to defend your employee from any perceived threat and I will accept that in such a confrontation I have the disadvantage.

But, your post proves my point. You are here to placate and not discuss and you have provided even less information on the subject being discussed than my parody of Karen's posts.

Perhaps the problem is that I do not really respect you, Hellath. I don't see why I should, I have never seen you say anything important recently. You don't seem to respect me and without me you have no job, so that may be a folly decision on your part.

But, if I find your services to be lacking in the immediate future, then that is what I will talk about. Because that is what the forums are about.

There were no name-callings. Karen is much much more present than any other MSE, including you. So, if there is someone which I am to complain about the lack of decent discussion and information being relayed between myself, a fan, and yourselves, the developers, then it is Karen's fault.

That you cannot see that shows more that you are unwilling to even discuss that small bit of discourse, about the lack of communication, than anything else. Nothing in your post answers a question. Nothing in your post even seems like it should be in this thread.

I think perhaps, Hellath, you should consider my points instead of taking it personally. I do not take your misrepresented chiding personally. It would do your community team a world of good to provide more adequate information on these subjects and give more concrete and succulent answers to our questions.

Now, please, unless you have something important to tell us about optional PVP or antagonists or whatever, leave us to our discussion such as it is.

Spacelords’ Advice / Re: Cost of forge
 on: November 15, 2018, 03:38:20 AM

This was created by some guys on the discord. It is a spreadsheet explaining and detailing the attributes of most guns in the game. The newer ones are not present but the information is accurate for those that it shows.

Also, generally what you'll want to do is build weapons at every 5 levels of Forge, that way you are never too short on gold and never too short on power as you level up.

But, if you plan on playing the game a lot then it won't really matter that much in the long run. Eventually you'll get a forge level you are comfortable with and you'll make a few weapons for some of your favorite Raiders and then you can start saving up for other Raiders and guns.

Gameplay Feedback / Re: Mentor Matches and Antagonists...
 on: November 15, 2018, 12:35:08 AM 
Hi guys,

We are aware this is one of the most candent topics at the forum and we keep working to improve the matchmaking system, but there are a lot of factors involved when paired with someone with a different level (country, platform, etc)

The Antagonist feature is the core of the game and removing it would result in a divided community and longer waiting times when looking for a match.

We understand your frustration and have all this feedback in mind.

Thank you very much.

Ok, so, what exactly are you guys doing to address the issue?

This is way such an old thread and it isn't even the first time this subject has come up. New players come up with this idea of removing antagonists from mentor matches on their FIRST day playing.

Just telling us it is a core feature more speaks to the fact that such a decision will never come to solution. You have already told us that "No, antagonists are going to be in mentor matches until this game dies."

That is what I read, at least.

Or are you saying that the MSE development team is actively looking for a solution to this problem? A team of one hundred cannot disable the appearance of antagonists in mentor matches?

I don't believe it. I believe instead that you do not know anything, Karen and having to read your shallow comments is becoming grating to the senses because it is very very obvious how little you personally care about the problem.

It is your job to care. Or is it to post screenshots of other people's art? Either way, I find this incredibly patronizing.

Suggestions / Re: Dear MSE...
 on: November 15, 2018, 12:23:34 AM 
I'd like to see what MSE says about this subject as well.

Unfortunately, MSE does not have a good track record of communicating with their fans. And, as we can see by looking at the state of the forums, whatever response we do receive will simply be meant to placate rather than discuss.

I would not be surprised to see another worthless post from Karen. In fact, her responses are so copy and paste I can probably tell you exactly the response you will receive.

"Hey guys!

We're aware that this situation and/or experience is not something that satisfies you. We are always working on making the game better so I will take your feedback and hand over to the development team!

Hope this helps!"

I have seen enough to know that they simply don't care about the forums or the discord or any of their social media institutions.

If someone really thinks those types of messages from Karen show interest and genuine engagement then I'd like to invite that someone to view the forums completely and see that it is not true.

Now, perhaps MSE will surprise us and prove me wrong. This would be quite welcome but I do not foresee it happening.

Say nothing if I'm right, Karen.

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