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Gameplay Feedback / Re: Radar in spacelords...
 on: December 13, 2018, 11:21:46 PM 
Pohthehd what's your beef man? You are just so dead set on this 'sit down and shut up' campaign it's impossible to have any constructive conversation.

I don't see how adding a compass is so offensive. If I'm on voice chat with people and I need to give them spacial direction or a warning there is no mechanism by which I can communicate locations. Get over yourself dude.

Please. You asked for feedback, you got it. You even got some from the developers.

And you posted the same exact post in other threads. That, to me, is a weakness I will strike at. You clearly wanted to get attention for your ideas and you did. Then you snobbishly derided that attention asking for more. That is my beef.

And like Uras-Beherit, if you call out to the darkness I too will come descend upon you.

The Raid-ar is implemented now. And there are already people asking for ways to turn it off. If you had a compass that pointed to the Antagonist, even if it only did so after someone has seen them, it would give a huge advantage against the already greatly disadvantaged Antagonist.

That is what is so offensive about it. You want the game to be easier. I don't want it to be easier. I want better organic challenge. You want a marker that literally points to the bad guy.

And I have used PSN chats numerous times and have never had someone become baffled as to the direction I am intending. Any one Raider can see the location of the other Raiders, it isn't exactly rocket science to figure out where they are or where they are going. The levels are not that big.

Finally, if you'd like me to "get over myself" then perhaps you should elaborate more on exactly what it is I am needing to "get over". These are my opinions and as such I do not owe you anything in regards towards keeping silent about them.

Good day, sir.

Spacelords Assemble / Re: A Break from Controversy...GUILDS!
 on: December 13, 2018, 11:07:04 PM 

Spacelords Universe / Re: Uras-senpai tells me I need to git gud
 on: December 13, 2018, 09:09:27 PM 
I didn't know someone can score 10 out 10 as antag.
By the way, Harec finally become the real leader of raiders.

Yeah, dude, they changed the scoring system so the mythical 10 is within grasp for everyone. So are high MMRs. Kinda..eliminates the honor those high scores and MMRs used to have. Props to Draco though, doin'em dirty.

Spacelords Assemble / Re: A Break from Controversy...GUILDS!
 on: December 13, 2018, 09:05:14 PM 
Badass, man. I'd like to join your guild. But I'm at work. Have you heard of any of these names? And what are your thoughts? Paul Heyller, Richard Dolan, Graham Handkock, Randal Carlson, Steven Greer, Linda Moulten Howe, Grant Cameron? And there are various other names that I could add, but this should give you a taste.

I'm not a "suit" just a middle aged man who has been searching for a long time and still haven't quite fit the pieces together,not sure if I ever will, regarding stuff that I have experienced. I lot of what you say is in line with a lot of my thinking, in this game to. So It'd be really awesome to join up and share information.

I'm kinda the loner type, sorry man. I'm definitely not active enough to support a real guild. I thought about recruiting, not enough stuff to do for me to consider it worthwhile. I had a dude in to see what happened when you invited people and stuff but I didn't like him so I kicked him. And the private aequilibrium, the only feature that guilds seem to offer, is tremendously ass-backwards.

I mostly did it for the name and banner but those things don't really seem to extend past the main menu screen.

I will give those people some consideration though. Always down for some cryptic mysteries.

Gameplay Feedback / Re: Aequilibrium & gold after update
 on: December 13, 2018, 08:36:41 PM 
When I had just made my guild and with me the only person in it; I played two matches as Raider and it moved towards Raider 1% each time without me leveling up. Then I leveled up as Antagonist and it went 17% towards Raider.

Something is definitely weird about it.

Gameplay Feedback / Re: Hanging By A Thread
 on: December 12, 2018, 07:06:21 PM 
Shit, you play it since the update? Now there is no respawn part before the last run to the extraction zone, it just goes right to it.

Now you can just hang out at the extraction zone and leave once the generators are done. That is a nice change. Sucks for Antagonists though, since they pretty much lose that last bit of final confrontation. No one likes Antagonists though, so I doubt many will care.

Having dropships unload right over the guns in the second phase is a silly idea, though. Dunno who came up with that but that combined with Captain elites..fuck. I mean, the gunships already shoot at you when you grab a turret. The dropship goons shit all over newbies and teaches them that standing by a gun emplacement is a bad call..then has a bunch of gun emplacements they are encouraged to use in the very next really makes no sense. Especially since in no other occasion are you punished for using a gun emplacement.

Also, the elevator comes so fast now after the part where you blow up the wall. If you like 5th Council then you should probably stand right next to it the whole time. You will not have enough time to make it back from the other side where the enemies drop in at. You get like 10 seconds to get inside after someone pushes the button.

From a lore perspective, the changes really makes no sense either. Why are they sending their Captains to die on a Hades transport that they themselves are assaulting with their own ship? I understand sending grunts because they are seen as less than human. But the Captains represent a significant investment of Aleph. Aleph is THE most important thing to the Wardogs. Seems like the last thing they would want to do is waste it trying to take a transport that might only have a small bit of Aleph in its engines.

They show up to take Loaht, a high-value target, and to get the Lyre Sphere, a high-value target. Should we be lead to believe they care enough about their Dogs to actually help them in a fight for what they must assume is just another raid on a Hades transport meandering through their territory? That is dumb.

And if they are so gung-ho, why don't they continue pursuing the Raiders once they make it to the reactor? I get that the grunts would probably give up without a Captain around and then start stealing whatever was easiest to grab. But now there are Captains there to lead them, for whatever reason. At least there would be some Aleph in it for them. But they just mysteriously give up. Not a very Wardog thing to do.

Spacelords Assemble / Re: A Break from Controversy...GUILDS!
 on: December 12, 2018, 06:29:38 PM 
Had to go with Tapputu Gimirtu because I'm too lazy to throw together some other Sumerian words.

Sa Tapputu Gimirtu meant something like "Those who help all" now it's nonsense like "Helping is all" or "All is helping", whatever. Just nerd-mad cause I really liked the Sa part but it's just two letters, I guess..

Bug report & Technical Support / Universe section is bugged.
 on: December 12, 2018, 06:04:37 PM 
Nothing major. It displays 98/44 rather than the 95/95(I think it was 95..) it used to show. Doesn't seem to affect anything else.

Ship's Log / Re: SpaceGuilds Available Now!
 on: December 12, 2018, 04:33:51 PM 
Fuck and many other swear words are in many of the cutscenes and yet..we can't write fuck? Or shit? What the fuck? Literally Harec says "FUUUUUCCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKK!" in a pretty common cutscene that you pretty much have to watch even if you try to skip it.

What the fuck? Lame. Double lame.
its there to avoid toxicity between players.

Ok, well my guild isn't staffed with immature assholes. My guild is staffed with people who swear all the fucking time. It is my fucking guild.

I should be able to swear as much as I want. Fucking..toxicity? You ever talk to anyone who plays Spacelords? They don't need guild chat to be toxic, dude.

Ship's Log / Re: SpaceGuilds Available Now!
 on: December 12, 2018, 04:17:47 PM 
Fuck and many other swear words are in many of the cutscenes and yet..we can't write fuck? Or shit? What the fuck? Literally Harec says "FUUUUUCCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKK!" in a pretty common cutscene that you pretty much have to watch even if you try to skip it.

What the fuck? Lame. Double lame.

Man, first I can't use the guild name I have wanted since like forever ago but now I find out I can't even write what I want in my own guild. And to top it off, I didn't even get a single blueprint in my rotation.

Woo guilds...definitely worth the wait.

I am joking. They were not worth the wait at all.

Spacelords Assemble / Re: A Break from Controversy...GUILDS!
 on: December 12, 2018, 03:53:35 PM 

Guild name: Sa Tapputu Gimirtu
Shit, had this guild name up forever and no one said it was too long to fit into the guild name field. Lame.

Spacelords’ Advice / Re: Tips on how to deal with Hans antagonists?
 on: December 11, 2018, 08:20:39 PM 
Drow, I think he wants to actually fight and win against the Hans Antagonists. Not simply evade Antagonists altogether.

Arnold, you're right; suiciding in a match in order to lose can get you banned. However, what Drow is suggesting is a 4-man surrender squad which is just fine with MSE in the same way that friendly Antagonizing is considered an unbannable offense.

They have done a good deal of re-structuring to the rewards so lowering your MMR in order to evade the difficulty of the game is no longer lucrative. Before if you had 0 MMR you got the same rewards as someone with 50 MMR but now you will get very very low rewards without being in the 30-40 MMR range.

Anyway, let us not attend to matters such as these in this thread when there are many many others that can be used.

I'd personally like to know if Urgehal has had the opportunity to take on a Hans Antagonist since starting this thread.

Spacelords’ Advice / Re: Tips on how to deal with Hans antagonists?
 on: December 11, 2018, 01:48:29 AM 
Or raiders too I guess, but I don't personally play antag.

But yeah, I can deal with every other character fine, but Hans is the only one that causes me major headaches. So much so, that I actually play like a try hard against lower level Hans players SMH...

I know it's characters/weapon dependent, but any general tips/strategies on how to deal with him?

Hans is very dependent on his weapon. All of his DPS comes from a very short amount of ammunition. He is one Raider that you'll want to utilize short-range tactics and cover the most.

As a Hades he is not going to be someone you want to start a CQC with if you can avoid it but getting in close with powerful short-range guns can be very effective against Hans. He will probably have no other choice but to fly away.

Never underestimate a flying Hans. If he is not under fire and he is flying then he is scouting the area. If you take cover then you can almost be assured that he will fly around/over to get a good shot at you. You might mistake this as the time to assault him, do not do this. Instead, start your maneuvers; re-position yourself and make sure he wastes his fuel.

Hans is only really devastating at mid-range. Wait until after he fires to start any sort of assault, he will have to reload or make do with a very short magazine, that is your chance.

Like HIVE you do not want to run up to a wounded Hans unless you know they have expended their ammunition. They will devastate your arrogance and flip the tables on you very quickly.

If you can survive a few exchanges of gunfire between cover then the Hans will have no choice but to start a CQC or find a better angle as their ammunition is limited. Again, never underestimate a flying Hans.

Outside of his gun he has little to offer a fight, though. So, utilize cover and force the flight. This will give you an advantage when they run out of fuel.

Suggestions / Re: Filtering out high-ping matches!
 on: December 11, 2018, 12:38:01 AM 
I'm no expert but it seems to me that the problem comes from the peer-to-peer connections Spacelords utilizes.

Unfortunately, this game is not super popular and so the matches you get will most likely be based in more remote locations than California. And those 999 ping could really be anything from a very bad host to some other type of connection obstacle, such as weather or what have you.

I have had very good ping playing with EU region people and very bad ping with NA region people. My connection is based in NA. Though recently I have noticed a significantly reduced amount of lag in both cases.

The solution is..nebulous. You can try to play at more peak hours; more players will give you better chance at a better connection. When I play at 2 AM PST I notice a lot more lag, probably because most players in my area are asleep by then. Inversely, when I play at 7 PM PST I find the lag is almost non-existent.

Being the host might mitigate the problem but it seems to choose one based off an intent towards a better connection for everyone overall. So, it is impossible to guarantee.

The inclusion of a ping-filter is probably already standard in the netcode that Spacelords uses. There are an enormous amount of factors that go into match selection; player MMR, Antagonist MMR, wins in a row, losses in a row, good connection and probably many more I am unaware of.

Match selection systems are generally designed to make the best choice possible to ensure a quick match start while having a balanced, gameplay-wise, fight.

Unfortunately, we do not have dedicated servers as they are costly and require a lot of maintenance. If the game became more popular then it might be foreseeable in the future but as it is this is a pipe-dream.

Also, I believe the low ping option is for yourself. It determines if you are to be selected as a host or not. It is by default on but if you turn it off then you won't be selected for host. I could be wrong, I haven't really messed with the options a lot lately.

Finally, yeah we all have experienced this problem. Peer-to-peer has this fallibility.

Suggestions / Re: How to Portray Women in Video Games
 on: December 08, 2018, 11:18:35 PM 
I find it difficult to jerk-off to Valeria.

I feel sorry for whatever woman you eventually trick/force into sleeping with you.

You have such an ugly personality.

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